Cave Paintings and Petroglyphs--Thematic Unit
Art, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies - History
Learning Kit, Printable, Thematic Unit Plan, Bundle
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Using this integrated, thematic unit, students will explore ancient rock art sites around the world, and create their own petroglyph by carving on a plaster rock.  They will examine art prints to identify characteristics of early human art, and play a game to classify the designs, just like the paleoarchaeologists.  Activities and materials include

  • Travel Tour Guide, a student reader in two versions (grades 3-4, and grades 5-6). Both levels can be used in the same class.  One version can be used on a computer, the other version can be printed into a booklet.
  • Vocabulary Bookmarks (2 reading levels) and Study Cards (24), which highlight unit specific words
  • Art Project Directions (3), which walk the students through making, painting, and carving a piece of rock art
  • Science Projects (2) that explore and experiment with rock porosity, and the creation and removal of a patina
  • Point of Interest Cards (10), written in a travel genre, that describe important rock art sites throughout the world
  • Math Projects (2) involving the relationship of metric to standard units of linear measure, and creating a life sized model from a scale sized drawing
  • Classification Game and game board
  • Art Prints (19)
  • Map Study Cards (10), to provide practice with identification of landmasses, countries, and continents

Students will research rock art sites, choose one of interest to them, and write an article in the travel genre to include in a class made Tour Guide. 

The unit will take 2.5-5 days to complete, depending on how many activities you choose to do.  Material preparation can be done for you by classroom volunteers using the included directions.  There are a lot of materials to prepare, but they will last for a long time if printed on cover stock and laminated. 

This unit works well on its own, but is also a great supplement to a unit on native people, or earth science studies of rocks and minerals.   It contains public domain images, and information researched from copyrighted publications which are referenced for fair use in the materials.

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