Rainforest Rendezvous--Maps, Mural, and Mini Museum (Complete Museum Bundle)v2
English Language Arts, Math, Basic Principles, Earth Sciences, General Science, Physical Science, Games
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Build a rainforest--right in your own classroom--using butcher paper, construction paper, cutouts (included), and silk plants. The mural directions include information for creating a stage backdrop.

Use your classroom volunteers to help you create artifacts for students to "play" with in your rainforest museum.  Text materials come in three versions--PS-1, 2-3, 4-6--making these materials suitable for all levels of elementary school.  You will have materials that will last a lifetime, including a:

Plant press
Table cloth "forest floor"
Wonder Tree

Then stock your classroom museum with:

  • Satellite maps of rainforests from around the world
  • Plants and Animals of the Rainforest Study Cards (64 per set): PS-1, Grades 2-3; Grades 4-5
  • Sorting Mats (5): Sorting Levels--PS-1; Grades 2-3; Grades 4-5
  • Museum Display Cards (24): Text Levels--PS-1; Grades 2-3; Grades 4-5
  • Animal Masks/Puppets (10): Text levels--PS-1; Grades 2-3; Grades 4-5
  • Magnetic or Flannel Board Characters
  • Project Cards (18 per set): Text Levels--Grades 2-3; Grades 4-5.   Two sets of 18 projects in each set, based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences.  A project card template is included as a Word Doc so that students can add their own research ideas to your classroom museum.

Use the parent newsletter (already written) to help you gather the needed materials to build your museum.

As the children learn more about life in the rainforest layers, they will make their own replicas and photographs, and describe them, to create additional display cards. Students will create new materials each year that you will be able to add to your collection. Your classroom will become your own little "exploratorium"!

Because of the large number of images (leading to high file sizes), this unit is comprised primarily of PDF files. Word Docs are only included for adding items of your own making in the same format as those included.

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