First Grade Treasures Weekly Spelling Packets
English Language Arts
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This HUGE 248-page ZIP file contains the weekly spelling lists for all six first grade "Treasures" spelling units. Each unit contains 5 week's worth of words, for a total of 30 weeks of spelling practice.

There are actually 2 versions of the lists on here- one for the version of Treasures I use and one for the updated version. So, this is really 496 pages of spelling goodness!

Please see the list below for the titles and sequence of the version I follow!

Each weekly pack includes:

-word cards for a word wall, focus wall, center, etc...

-2 copies of the weekly list (vertical and horizontal)

-a handwriting practice page- perfect for homework, morning work, or independent practice!

-a fill-in-the-boxes page where students write their spelling words in boxes (ie. tall boxes for letters like b and d, long boxes for things like j and g)- perfect for homework, morning work, or independent practice!

-a weekly spelling test template- this also uses the boxes for words, which has been super helpful to my struggling students. I actually use it with all of my 1st graders, but you could easily just run it for students who need the support. It's really beneficial for ELL students too!

This pack includes the lists for 2 versions of Treasures. If your word lists don't match, you can open the other folder that has the "alternate" units in it.

The spelling skills included are as followed... the titles may not be the same. The first skill is for one of the sets and the 2nd skill listed each week matches the folder with the "alternate" units.

Unit 1
*Pam and Sam, short a (alternate- short a)
*I Can! Can You?, short a (alternate- short a)
*How You Grew, short i (alternate- short i)
*Pet Tricks, blends (cr, gr, tr) (alternate- l blends)
*Soccer, blends (nd, st, nt, nk) (alternate- nd, nk, st, nt)

Unit 2
*Animal Moms and Dads, short o (alternate- short o)
*Little Red Hen, short e (eg, en, et) (alternate- short e)
*A Prairie Dog Home, digraphs (sh, th) (alternate- blends)
*The Fun Kids' Band, short u (alternate- short u)
*On My Way to School, blends (bl, cl, fl) (alternate- digraphs)

Unit 3
*Kate's Game, long a (ake, ame, ate) (alternate- a_e)
*Kids Can Help, s blends (alternate- i_e)
*Short Shadows, Long Shadows, digraphs (ch, tch, wh) (alternate- digraphs)
*Smile, Mike!, long i (i_e) (alternate- o_u, u_e)
*Gram and Me, blends (str, spl, scr) (alternate- str, spl, scr)

Unit 4
*Pelican Was Hungry, long o (o_e) (alternate- ai, ay)
*June Robot Cleans Up, long u (use, une, ute, ule) (alternate- e, ee, ea)
*Stormy Weather, long a (ai, ay) (alternate- o, ow, oa)
*Meet Ben Franklin, long e (ee, ea) (alternate- i, y, igh)
*Little Rabbit, long e (y) (alternate- lone e- y)

Unit 5
*Olivia, long o (oa, ow) (alternate- ir, er, ur)
*The Kite, long i (i, y, igh) (alternate- ar)
*Kids' Inventions, r-controlled vowels (ar) (alternate- or)
*Whistle for Willie, r-controlled vowels (or) (alternate- ou, ow)
*A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds, r-controlled vowels (ur, ir, er) (alternate- oi, oy)

Unit 6
*Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery, diphthong (ou, ow) (alternate- oo)
*Little Bear Goes to the Moon, variant vowel (oo) (alternate- au & aw)
*Cool Jobs, variant vowel (oo) (alternate- prefixes)
*A Tiger Cub Grows Up, variant vowels (au, aw) (alternate- open/closed syllables)
*Sand Castle, diphthong (oi, oy) (alternate- final stable syllables)

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