15 Summer Olympics Math and Literacy Activities
English Language Arts, Math, Reading, Graphing
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Over 100 pages of Olympic themed activities!

Contents include:

1. 36 Olympics Word Wall cards (pages 4-15).

2. “Olympic Games” Making Words activity – pocket chart letter cards and individual student letter tiles and recording sheet (pages 16-19).

3. Spelling Success – spell the underlined word on each card correctly (pages 20-24).

4. Super Spelling – identify and then spell the incorrect word on each card(pages 25-29).

5. Can You Punctuate It? – Rewrite the sentences with correct punctuation (pages 30-36).

6. Which Sentence is Correct? – Slides for a whole class lesson to identify the sentence with the correct punctuation with use of fingerprint cards(pages 37-57).

7. Champion Models – Part-Part-Whole Models to solve and write the number sentence (pages 58-63).

8. Use the Champion Model cards to write a matching addition and/or subtraction storyand the number sentence (page 64).

9. Olympics Calendar – With questions (pages 65-67).

10. Olympics Data Booklet – Double sided booklet to ask a question, collect data with tally marks, create a graph and write about findings (pages 68-72).

11. The Breakfast of Champions – Using breakfast spinners, predicting, recording tallies (pages 73-79).

12-13. Sporting Champs More and Less – 2 versions for easy differentiation (pages 80-94)
a: 1 more/less, 10 more/less
b: 1 more/less, 10 more/less, 100 more/less

14. Use the cards from Sporting Champs More and Less and place in ascending and descending order – 2 recording sheets (pages 95-96).

15. The Lengths We’ll Go To.... For Gold – measuring the length of ribbon or yarn attached to gold medals (pages 97-103).

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