Editable Math Workshop Set-Up pack
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This 139 page pack is a great way to organize your math centres/centers, math workshop or guided math rotations.

This file is editable in that you can add in your own titles to each poster. This means you can call each centre/center what YOU want and have it in the font YOU choose – very handy if you have a specific handwriting font that you like to use. The images and background are not editable.

To edit the file, simply type in the text boxes I’ve included on each slide before printing.

The following parts of the pack are EDITABLE i.e. you type in the name of each rotation:

- 12 posters (inc. 2 teacher centre posters with different skin tones). These are great for hanging in your classroom to define center/centre areas).

- Two sizes of tub labels.

- Two styles of rotation board labels.

- Two styles of I-Can charts (portrait and landscape).



- Math Workshop header for your rotation board.

- Circle group number and rotation number labels (4 colours/colors).

- Blank labels to write group member names on (4 colours/colors).

See the images to the right for the images that are on the posters. Rotation names could include, but are not limited to, the examples I've given for each image:

1. Math with Teacher

2. Journal Math, Independent Math, Math By Myself. You could use your textbook here if you have one (image of a journal, pencil and calculator).

3. Technology, Computer Math etc (image of a girl at a computer).

4. Bulletin Board Math, Calendar Math (image of a boy with a board).

5. Partner Math, Math with Someone, Games, Manipulatives (two boys with blocks).

6. Independent Math, Math By Myself, Math Facts (image of a girl sitting at desk with operation symbols).

7. Independent Math, Math By Myself, Math Facts, Games (image of a girl with addition stars).

8. Overhead Maths, Interactive Whiteboard (boy at the overhead projector).

9. Games, Manipulatives (boy with an abacus)

10. Games, Problem Solving (girl with a puzle).

11. Read About Math (girl reading a book).

12. Games, Manipulatives (image of an abacus).


This pack comes with a polka dot background that matches my Editable Literacy Rotations pack.

For more ideas and freebies, check out my blog http://downunderteacher.blogspot.com.au/

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