Kindergarten Assessment Checklists
English Language Arts, Math, Common Core, Phonics, Reading Strategies, Other (ELA), Common Core, Classroom Management
Assessment, Classroom Form
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Not sure how to collect data for kindergarten? Really, how do you quantify such basic skills?  
The answer is checklists and here is a set of the ones that I use!   
Each assessment includes a checklist that allows you to have a class profile.  (And every other line is shaded so it is easy to track and follow.)  Also included is my tips to keep great records!
Included in this set thus far is:  Letter Names, Letter Sounds, Letter Naming Fluency DIBELS, Lower Letter Sounds, Upper Letter Sounds, Writing Letters, Number Idenfication (0-10), Number Idenfication, Math Writing Skills, Can Count To, Counting Objects, Concepts of Print, Colors, Color Words, Shapes, Drawing Shapes, Shape Words, Oral Language, First Sound Fluency DIBELS, Phoneme Segmentation Fluency DIBELS, Non Sense Word DIBELS  (DIBELS sets include a test for each quarter but I highly suggest using your progress monitoring books to get the data!)
Please be advised, this is not a cute product!  =)  In order to fit a whole class worth of data on one page for the entire year, there is no room for cutesy clipart or fun!  (Said with love!)
Also, there is not one assessment for every standard in the Common Core.  This would just be CRAZY to manage.  Instead, it is practical checklists to help you get measurable gains in areas of the CC that have many components.  If there is a particular standard you would like an assessment added for, please leave me a question and I can add it for you as best I can.  


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