Teddy Bear Party Addition to 6 and 10 Game
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With two levels of play and simple directions, every kinder can play! Students use teddy bear counters (from your classroom) to fill up a number line to complete the addition equation. 

The design of this game is to help students see the connection between the comparative value of each number and the quantity while applying these concepts to the skills of addition. In my classroom, my kinders were having difficulty thinking through how the order of numbers can aid them in addition, so I designed this game to incorporate a numbe-line style playing mat to teach them to use the order of numbers as a tool.


  • 0-6 Game Board Mat: Number line to 6 focusing on +1 and the role of 0 in addition equations.
  • Adding Within 6 Equation Cards: 18 playing cards, a few "party" cards feature missing addends to  5.
  • 0-10 Game Board Mat: Number line to 10.
  • Adding Within 10 Equation Cards: T18 playing cards, a few "party" cards feature missing addends to 10.

How to Play at a Glance

  • Pick a card. "Invite" the teddy bears by adding them together on the number line.
  • Flip over your card to check if you were right!
  • Get it right - keep your card. Get it wrong, put it back in the pile.


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Helps Meet Common Core Math Standards:

  • K.OA.1.a Represent addition with objects, fingers, and sounds to identify the
  • meaning of addition as putting together and adding to.
  • K.OA.1.e. Represent addition and subtraction by acting out situations and drawings.
  • K.OA.4.a State the number that makes 5 when added to any given number 1-4
  • with objects.
  • K.OA.4.b. State the number that makes 10 when added to any given number 1-9
  • with objects.
  • K.OA.5.a. Add fluently, orally or in writing, within 5.


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