Hollywood Themed Classroom Money, Rewards & Behavior Chart
Classroom Management, Homeschool
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Updated in June 2014 with 15 more reward coupons & $50 + $100 money options!
Are you looking for a classroom management system with a Hollywood twist? Here it is! Included in this system is an explanation of how to use it, classroom money, 40 reward tickets and a behavior chart.

I have spent the last several years trying to find a behavior management system that works best for my classroom. Some methods seemed too time consuming, meaning I stuck with them for only a short time. I think I have finally found a system that I love, and so I hope you love it, too! Please remember that each set of students is different, so tweak this system to best fit the needs of your class. It’s a very simple system, with 2 ways to implement it. I have tried both ways, and honestly utilize both. I use the behavior chart, and still immediately pay out when a student does something amazing or shows awesome “star behavior.”

Option 1: Using the daily behavior chart
•Each day, students begin on “Ready to Learn.”
•Based on student behavior, they may move up and down on the chart, as you see fit.
•At the end of the day, have students record in their planners/agendas where their clip is located (for documentation purposes & for parents to see).
•Before students leave, “pay out” your students.
•Be sure to create a value for each level on the chart. For example: “Red Carpet Behavior: $5, “Royalty”: $4. Make sure students know what they are working for!
•On Fridays (or whatever day you choose), open your class “store.” Let students use their money to purchase the reward coupons and whichever other prizes you offer.

Option 2: Immediate Pay-Out
•With your class, create a list of rules that everyone agrees on.
•Then, create a list of opposites—of behaviors that deserve applause.
•Explain the behavior system to students, highlighting that good behavior deserves to be rewarded. On the flip side, poor behavior has consequences, meaning either losing money or not getting any more money.
•Together as a class, make a list of positive and negative behaviors, and how much money they are worth or how much money will be taken away.
•On Fridays (or whatever day you choose), open your class “store.” Let students use their money to purchase the reward coupons and whatever other prizes you offer.

Reward coupons include:

1. You’re in the spotlight for the day!
Bring in 3 of your favorite items & share them with us
2. Too Cool for School! Wear your shades in class for one day!
3. Who needs shoes, anyway?! No shoes in class for one day!
4. Stars Don’t Have Time for Homework! No homework for one whole night!
5. Jump for Joy! You earned extra recess with another class!
6. Bubbly Behavior! Chew gum in class for the day!
7. Snack Attack! Bring a snack to enjoy while you work!
8. Smarty Pants! Be a tutor to a pal in need!
9. Free school supply from your teacher!
10. Get a positive note home!
11. Have a lunch date with your teacher!
12. Light, Camera, Action. Be the camera kid for the day!
13. Be a computer nerd! Enjoy extra time on the computer!
14. iPod Blast! Bring your tunes to class and listen while you work!
15. Be the leader of the line today!
16. Caboose! Set an example from the back today!
17. Second in Command. Be the teacher's assistant for the day!
18. Keep 'em sharp. Sharpen all the pencils today.
19. Read on! Enjoy extra reading time with a book of choice!
20. Dress up like your favorite sports player! Go Team!
21. ~Recess Helper~ Bring the recess equipment in & out
22. iPad Time! Enjoy free time playing games.
23. Hats off to You! Wear your hat for the day!
24. Sit at the teacher's desk for the day.
25. Choose your seat for the day.

26. No morning work!
27. Sit in the teacher's chair for the day.
28. Complete one assignment on a tablet.
29. Roll call: Be in charge of the classroom attendance.
30. Enjoy a sweet treat from your teacher.
31.Class Secretary: answer the phone and take messages.
32. Extra recess: 10 extra minutes for the entire class.
33. Board cleaner: clean the board at the end of the day.
34. Read aloud- read aloud a book to the class.
35. Be 1st in the lunch line.
36.Class Detective: be on the lookout for really good behavior and keep a list.
37.Take the lead: lead class in solving 3 math problems.
38. Cuddles: bring in a stuffed animal for the day.
39. Eat lunch with a friend.
40. Be a snail: take your time on one project of your choice.

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