Long Division: A Differentiated Approach
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Division has always been one of those objectives that stresses me out when I think about teaching it. While some students breeze right through it, others struggle with basic division facts, leaving me at a loss for what whole group instruction should look like for those weeks. How can I move from 45 divided by 3 to 405 divided by 3 when some students can’t tell me what 9 divided by 3 is? This is when the idea came to me: truly differentiate and scaffold your instruction, and meet the needs of all your students. What a genius idea right?! The two words we wrote numerous papers on in college and hear at every professional development we attend—who would have thought?!

Here is a breakdown of how it looks in my classroom (and works quite well?).
When introducing division, teach the steps with the mnemonic device
Begin practice with the basic facts page to reinforce the basic steps (and ensure they check their work with multiplication)
Move on to 2 digit problems divided by 1 digit problems, using the colored boxes where some of the numbers have been filled in already for guidance
For those students who grasp this concept, have them move on practicing 2 digits divided by 1 digit, still using the colored boxes, but completing the problem without the numbers to help
Next, move onto the black and white boxes
If students are successful with this, they then follow the same progression of colored with help, colored without help, black and white, moving to 3 digit divided by 1 digit and finally 4 digit divided by 1 digit
The beauty of it is they don’t have to move on if they aren’t ready! Those who are ready—let them fly, those who are not, continue pulling them in small group to practice.
**I’ve included practice problems for each step of the way, and also included blank versions for my teacher friends who would like to create their own or additional problems
18 Pages of Practice including masters + mnemonic poster + student instructions + vocab cards+ an answer key for all practice problems (26 pages total)
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Long Division: A Differentiated Approach
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