Polka Dot Phonogram/chunking wall and resources
English Language Arts, Foreign Language
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This phonogram board set contains:

  • How to use document with instructions for displaying/assembling the materials
  • your choice of 12 different title headers, including 2 Hollywood/Rockstar/Star themed headers and a variety of colors and sizes.  I am willing to customize header colors for those who have purchased the set if you send me an Email. 
  • 24 smaller "sound" headers for organizing phonograms.
  • 52 phonogram circles for display and flash cards
  • student personal phonogram chart
  • student fillable personal phonogram chart
  • writing miniless for teaching students to use the phonogram wall as a writing tool.


The phonogram set is your go-to resource for teaching and displaying phongrams for your students.  It helps to organize the phonograms by sound for students, and gives them a reference for both reading and writing.  Spending time with these phonograms will help your students to become more fluent, accurate readers.  This meets requirements for teachers to use their wall space effectively - making an attractive display that is student-centered,  interactive for students, and grows with them throughout the year! 

The file is a .zip file containing .pdf files.


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