Interactive 1st Grade Math Dictionary - Common Core
Math, Common Core, Other (Math)
Minilesson, Test Prep, Word Wall
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Understanding vocabulary in math is often difficult for students. This product allows students to have their own personal dictionary. 
This dictionary contains over 100 common core math vocabulary words for 1st graders. The dictionary contains the vocabulary term, an example of the term used in math, and an interactive portions for the student. This product encourages students to apply the math terms they use and interact by working cooperatively with partners and small groups. These are perfect to project on a whiteboard to model for students. 


Terms included in the packet are: 
Add, Addends, additive property of 0, alike, analog clock, associative property of addition, attribute
bar graph, bar model, base 10 blocks
category, circle, classify , closed figure, column, commutative order property of addition, compare, composite shape, cone, count back, count on, count up, cube, curved surface, cylinder
data, date, day, decompose, defining attribute and non-defining attribute, difference, different, digits, digital clock, doubles, double minus 1, doubles minus 2
equal, equal parts, equal share, equal sign, equation, expression
face , fewer, fewest, flat surface, fourth of, fourths, fraction
geometric solid (cone, cube, cylinder, square, rectangular prism, pyramid), greater than
half -circle, half hour, halves, hexagon, hour, hour hand, hundreds
identity property of addition
length, less than, longer, longest
making ten, measure, minuend, minus, minute, more, more than, most
number, number pattern, number sentence
object, one hundred (hundreds chart included too), ones, order, partition, pictograph, place value, plane shape, plus, polygon
quarter circle, quarter/fourth
rectangle, rectangular prism, related facts (fact family), rhombus, row
shorter, shortest, solid shape, sort, sphere, square, subtract, subtrahend, sum
taller, tallest, tally chart, tally mark, ten frame, tens, three dimensional shapes, trapezoid, time, triangle, two digit number, two dimensional shape
unequal parts, unequal shares, unit
vertex of an angle

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