NGSS 3-PS2-3 Electric Force Lab Stations Activity
Science, Engineering, Physical Science, Physics
Activity, Science Center Idea
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About SNAPs Lab Stations Activities
SNAPs Lab Stations Activities require students to use science, math, literacy, problem-solving and engineering skills. They are designed to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts and help students apply scientific ideas to the real world. Each station activity promotes skills so to develop students into proficient and competent scientific thinkers.

SNAPs lab activities have five components:
• Science Skills Station to develop science skill proficiency  
• Narrative Station to build science literacy 
• Assessment Station to evaluate learning and understanding
• Problem-Solving Station to foster engineering design
• Synthesis/Summary Project to inspire higher-order learning

A description of the activities at each station in this particular lab is detailed below. 

Next Generation Science Standards
This laboratory satisfies NGSS 3-PS2-3. It combines the three dimensions of science learning - science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts - in order to meet the standard. This laboratory also makes interdisciplinary connections to STEM, Math CCSS and ELA CCSS to build the appropriate skills.

Electric Force Lab Stations Activity Learning Objectives
1. Verify that electric force is a noncontact force.
2. Observe how electric force can cause objects to attract or repel each other.
3. Determine how distance from a charged object affects the ability of that object to attract or repel other objects. 

Science Skills Station
At this station, students will investigate electric force. Students will make a neutral object into a charged object. Then they will observe how the charged object can repel or attract other charged objects. 

Narrative Station
At this station, students will read an informational text about electric force. They will cite evidence in the text as well as in figures so to demonstrate understanding about electric force. Students will learn how objects can become electrically charged and how they can lose electrical charge. 

Assessment Station
At this station, students will answer questions about key terms and ideas relating to electric force. Students will have to employ lower, mid and higher order thinking skills to answer these questions.

Problem-Solving Station
Students will develop possible solutions to a problem that is caused by electric force. And design a prototype of that solution. In this particular activity, students will determine how to prevent static cling (clothes from becoming electrically charged). 

Synthesis/Summary Project
Students will have a choice of 11 projects. Suggestions for projects that are best suited for this particular lab are included. Refer to the SNAPs Lab Stations Best Practices and Setup Guide for directions and suggestions on how to conduct the project.

This download includes:
• A pre-lab assignment and post-lab reflection
• Directions and questions for each lab station
• Student recording sheets
• Teacher Key

Additional Materials Required:
2 balloons (with extra on hand), a wool mitten (or wool fabric), 1 computer or tablet

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