Summer Program - Magic Bean Math Worksheets
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These worksheets are part of the Magic Bean Math activities included week 8 - FunWith Fairytales kit in the Sun Scholars Summer Program.  Some of the Magice Bean Math activities from this kit are shared at (here).  


Sun Scholars Activity Kits
My Guidelines

I had some very specific requirements in mind when creating this program.  Below are the guidelines that I used in developing this program.
  • Allow users to fit into their own schedules/routines
  • Challenge the child, but make it fun!
  • Quick and easy activities
  • Minimal set-up and mess
  • Ease of use with various ages
  • Activities that don't require 100% parent participation
  • Ties into school curricular requirements
  • Keeps kids using skills learned in the school year
  • Allows the child to use their gifts and talents
  • Supply list of common items around the home
  • Inexpensive
  • Keeps the child interested with a variety of activities
  • A variety of interactive, hands-on activities
How It Works

These activity kits were created to be used over the summer holiday months, but it is in no way limited to that!  These kits could be used over the summer by stay-at-home parents and caregivers, in preschools and primary schools, as home school curriculum, for camp, day care, or even in the classroom.
The Sun Scholars Program consists of 12 weekly kits, each with a unique theme.  Each week's kit has twenty fun and educational activities for you to share with your child, a list of any special materials that might be required, and the printables needed for the activities that week.
The activities are outlined on a half-page card.  They are simple, easy to implement, inexpensive, and things you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.  Most activities use items found commonly in and around your home.  And we haven't forgotten about the learning opportunities in your weekly outings!  Take your learning to the local park, your own back yard, or the grocery store!

Your Role in the Program

You decide your level of commitment.  Perhaps you want to spend 4 hours each week day teaching your children.  Perhaps you find it difficult to find 15 minutes to dedicate to one-on-one learning experiences.  You will find that many of these activities are designed to be easy to implement, regardless of the time you have to participate.  Find a schedule or a routine that works for your family, and use as many of the weekly activities that you can manage to fit in.

Subjects Included

The Sun Scholars Program was created to cover the basic subject areas, with greater emphasis placed on reading, writing, and mathematics.  Many activities will cover multiple subject areas.  Subjects include: Reading, Writing, Math, Art, Social Studies, Science, Health (Physical Education and Nutrition), and Life Skills.
Want to know more about SunScholars and the Sun Scholars Summer Program?  Stop by my blog, and check out the link at the top, "Summer Learning Program", or just click HERE.  Visit
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