Gingerbread Cut-and-Glue Math and Literacy for Kindergarten
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!!!Ten new pages were added to this set on 11/21/14!!!

This resource contains 47 pages of cut-and-glue math and literacy activities. The pages focus on addition, short vowel word families, subtraction, sight words, counting, constructing and writing sentences, making ten, and more! Every page has a gingerbread theme!  

3 of the sight word pages now contain 2 versions:  one version with the sight words I added and one EDITABLE version so you can add your own words!  

This set includes the following cut-and-glue math and literacy pages and more!

  • Cookie Sheet Sort--Students read and sort CVC words from the an and at word families.

  • Sort Some Yummy Treats--On this page, students sort et, en, and eg words.

  • Run Home, Gingerbread Man!--Students read and sort words from the it, in, ig, and ip word families.

  • Eating Cookies!--On this page, students sort op and ot words.

  • Hot from the Oven!--Students sort cookies with words from the ug and ut families.

  • Sight Word Sorting, Sight Word Candies, and Sight Word Cookies--On these 3 pages, students sort sight words according to the number of letters each word has.

  • Making Words & Making More Words--Students add an onset to each rime, making real words.

  • Scrambled Words & More Scrambled Words--On these pages, students cut out individual letters to make CVC words from 2 word families.  

  • Cookie Mix Up, Gingerbread Mix Up, & Candy Cane Mix Up--Students cut out mixed up sight word sentences, glue them in order to make a sentence, and write the sentence.

  • Counting Candies & Counting Gingerbread Cookies--Here, students will cut out a number of objects and use them to represent numbers less than 10.

  • Adding Gingerbread Men, Adding More Gingerbread Cookies, & Adding Candies--On these pages, students cut out objects and use them to solve addition problems.

  • Making 10 & Ten Candies--Students figure out how many more they need to make 10.

  • Count On With Cookies!  & Counting Lots of Candies!--Students practice addition using the “counting on” strategy.  

  • Ten and Ones & Tens and Ones:  Candies--Students use groups of tens and ones to construct teens.

  • Subtracting Cookies & Subtracting Candies--Here, students glue numbers in the correct position to construct subtraction problems.

  • Addition Word Problems, Adding Candies:  Word Problems, Subtraction Word Problems, & Subtracting Candies:  Word Problems--On these pages, students solve word problems using objects. 

This product addresses the following Common Core Standards* for kindergarten math and language arts:

RF.K.1 Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.
RF.K.1a Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page by page.
RF.K.1b Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters. RF.K.1c Understand that words are separated by spaces in print.
Demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, and sounds (phonemes).
RF.K.2a Recognize and produce rhyming words.
Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.
RF.K.2c Blend and segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words.
RF.K.2d Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme (consonant-vowel-consonant, or CVC) words.
RF.K.2e Add or substitute individual sounds (phonemes) in simple, one-syllable words to make new words. RF.K.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
RF.K.3a Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.
RF.K.3b Associate the long and short sounds with the common spellings (graphemes) for the five major vowels.
RF.K.3c Read common high-frequency words by sight.
RF.K.3d Distinguish between similarly spelled words by identifying the sounds of the letters that differ. RF.K.4 Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding.
L.K.1a Print many upper- and lowercase letters.
L.K.2a Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I
L.K.2b Recognize and name end punctuation.
K.CC.A.2 Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence.
K.CC.A.3 Write numbers from 0 to 20. Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0-20. K.CC.B.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities; connect counting to cardinality. K.CC.B.5 Count to answer “how many?” questions about as many as 20 things.
K.OA.A.1 Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings
1, sounds (e.g., claps), acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations.
K.OA.A.2 Solve addition and subtraction word problems, and add and subtract within 10.
K.OA.A.4 For any number from 1 to 9, find the number that makes 10 when added to the given number. K.OA.A.5 Fluently add and subtract within 5.
K.NBT.A.1 Compose and decompose numbers from 11 to 19 into ten ones and some further ones.
Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.
K.G.A.3 Identify shapes as two-dimensional (lying in a plane, "flat") or three-dimensional ("solid").
W.K.2 Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose informative/explanatory texts in which they name what they are writing about and supply some information about the topic.
SL.K.4 Describe familiar people, places, things, and events and, with prompting and support, provide additional detail.
SL.K.5 Add drawings or other visual displays to descriptions as desired to provide additional detail.
L.K.1.A Print many upper- and lowercase letters.
L.K.2 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. 

*Common Core Standards © Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved.

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