English Language Arts: Words to Know Test Prep PPT and Printable Handout
English Language Arts, Common Core, Reading Strategies, Vocabulary
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Great LANGUAGE ARTS Power Point Resource for test prep!  ZIP File: PPT File (along with PDF Version of PPT File)  and a student printable as a supplement for PPT!

Terms focus on major grammar and writing terminology.
This power point contains 50 slides of 25 ELA definitions (most of them with example sentence) and terms are on slides following definition/sentence. PDF File contains the SAME information for convenience of printing in case of older power point versions preventing you from viewing as intended. Should you have an older version of PPT, just adjust any fonts necessary, using the pdf file as your guide.
Slide 3 contains a list of each term that is in the power point.
This tool is very useful for remediation of language arts grammar and literature skills and vocabulary, providing a review for testing. It is a visual presentation for conducting a common assessment review lesson, and is a super reference power point that is great to utilize throughout the entire school year! Use it at the beginning of the year to see what your students are already familiar with and where you need to spend extra time and then refer back to it as you cover different terms and skills over the course of the year!
2 other ELA prep items to check out consist of printable flash cards of common assessment terms: One Set of Flash Cards for 5th and 6th grade terms and a separate product of Flash Cards for 7th-8th grade. Students can use this power point resource/student supplement as well as both sets of flash cards to help prepare for state assessments.
Great study tool, review resource, and practice for those state tests that always seem to stress us out!! These resources are also perfect for remediation or challenge activities depending on your students' needs.
I created the Student Supplement for this PPT to KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED DURING PPT PRESENTATION. It can be also be used as a pop quiz after the PPT presentation or  as a listening/attention check!!
Thanks for stopping by my shop!
A. Smith of
state assessment practice, English language arts, test preparation terms, study guide printable, freebie supplement, middle school, high school, and upper elementary ELA, ESL, ELL
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