Reading Response Activity: Composing Lyrics
English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Reading, Reading Strategies, Writing, Songs
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Need Balanced Literacy in the Classroom? Whether you have musically inclined students or not, you may just need to spice up the everyday routine... 

Use this creative culminating activity for a class novel, literature circles, short stories, etc. This is a very versatile item for students to use in English, science, history/social studies, etc. 

When students have something to recall, comprehend, or understand, sometimes it's amazing how easily it comes when they try a new response to literature such as composing a song or rap about a chapter, passage, event, or an entire story or topic!

This lesson has students work in groups or individually to compose songs based on an event or significant passage from a novel or short story that they are reading or have finished reading. Each group or student performs the song to the class. Of course, you can modify the requirements or change the subject matter to be about a concept, process, historical time, etc. Possibilities are endless. 

PDF file containing the following:
Notes for teacher
A Song/Rap Writing & Presentation Rubric for Grading
Student Handouts: A Passage/Event Information worksheet & A worksheet for writing their Rough Draft of Lyrics, Related Title, & Chorus 

My students love to do this project! I usually record the audio during their performances so that they can listen after the presentations. Then, I burn discs for students to keep if they want one. 
Great for upper elementary, middle school, or high school ages/grades.

This activity has been a total success with novels as well as short stories, as a post reading activity assessment.

Kids LOVE to hear themselves on recording after the fact. Perfect for student work samples or items to add to a style! 

The students get to hear each others' songs from your other classes, and this exposes them to various approaches in writing and various perspectives of other readers. 

There are multiple discussions of all kinds prompted by the lyrics in connection with selected text!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks so much!

Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections


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