Build a Zoo - A Cumulative Math Enrichment Project
Activity, Math Center Idea, Project
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Looking for an engaging, common-core aligned, and FUN activity to enrich your students? They have been hired as a zookeeper to build a brand new zoo in their town. They must make several decisions about the zoo, practicing several common core math standards along the way. Students will love acting as a zookeeper, and you will love the enriched math practice they get along the way.

This pack would be great for enriching second graders, perfect for third graders, and even a great review for upper grades!
The preview includes a glimpse of several of the pages in the pack.

Here are the tasks students will take part in as the zookeeper:
•The Animals: Students use addition/subtraction within 1,000 to select the animals for their zoo. (Differentiated sheet available: addition/subtraction within 100).
•The Zoo Grounds: Students measure animals using an inch ruler and lay out the exhibits based upon the measurements.
•The Zoo Keeper's Schedule: Students create a schedule as the zookeeper to make sure animals are fed. (Differentiated sheets available)
•A New Exhibit: Students use geometry knowledge to lay out a new exhibit, including counting sides and vertices to order enough materials for the exhibit.
•Feeding the Animals: Students must make decisions about what food to order for the animals. Students write fractions to show animals' eating preferences.
•The Souvenir Shop: Students will help a group of field-trip students count their money for the souvenir shop, and help them make decisions about what they can/can't buy.
•How's Business?: Students examine data about different exhibits' popularity and create a bar graph using the data. Students answer questions based on the data and bar graph.

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