Language Review Week to Week (The Complete Set)
English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Math, Common Core, Vocabulary
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Looking for a great way to help your students prepare for THE TEST throughout the year?  This language review bundle is a great way to reinforce important language skills throughout the year. 

This bundle includes:

Directions for use and tips on how to organize materials

Common core alignment for grades three, four, and five

Student answer sheet to use every week

Bulletin board materials

60 Name That Part of Speech task cards

60 Conventions task cards

60 Misspelled Words task cards

60 Vocabulary task cards

60 Which Reference task cards

60 Homophone Challenge task cards

60 Prefixes and Suffixes task cards

60 Root Words task cards

60 Figurative Language task cards

Bonus!  60 Miscellaneous task cards

Answer key for simple scoring


The task cards increase in difficulty each week to keep your students challenged! They are designed to use weeks 1-40 for third grade, weeks 10-50 for fourth grade, and weeks 20-60 for fifth grade.

The skills included in this bundle include:

Parts of Speech
-Weeks 1-10 review basic nouns, verbs, adverbs, pronouns, and adjectives
-Weeks 11-20 introduce irregular verbs, challenging nouns, and comparative adjectives
-Weeks 21-30 showcase abstract nouns, conjunctions, and comparative adverbs
-Weeks 31-40 introduce relative pronouns, progressive verb tense, and prepositional phrases
-Weeks 41-50 review interjections, irregular verb tenses, and all previous skills
-Weeks 51-60 review correlative conjunctions and all previous skills

-Weeks 1-10 Capitalization in titles and commas in addresses
-Weeks 11-20 Commas and quotation marks in dialogue as well as review from previous weeks
-Weeks 21-30 Commas in coordinating conjunctions as well as review from previous weeks
-Weeks 31-40 Commas in series, apostrophes to show possession, and commas with a clause
-Weeks 41-50 Proper punctuation in titles as well as review from previous weeks
-Weeks 51-60 Commas to set off words as well as a review from previous weeks

Find the Misspelled Word and Vocabulary increase in difficulty each week, but the skill stays the same.

Which Reference
-Weeks 1-10 Dictionary guide words
-Weeks 11-20 dictionary, glossary, index, and table of contents
-Weeks 21-30 dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, almanac
-Weeks 31-40 Internet, encyclopedia, newspaper, magazine
-Weeks 41-50 dictionary, thesaurus, glossary, encyclopedia
-Weeks 51-60 Internet, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus

-Weeks 1-10 Common homophones with two choices
-Weeks 11-20 Common homophones with three choices
-Weeks 21-30 Challenging homophones with two choices
-Weeks 31-40 Challenging homophones with three choices
-Weeks 41-50 Create a sentence using two homophones
-Weeks 51-60 Create a sentence using three homophones

Prefixes and Suffixes
-Weeks 1-20 Identify prefixes and suffixes
-Weeks 21-40 Define the meaning of common prefixes and suffixes
-Weeks 41-60 Change the meaning of common roots using prefixes and suffixes

Root Words
-Weeks 1-20 Identify the root
-Weeks 21-40 Define the meaning of common roots
-Weeks 41-60 List two words with the same root

Figurative Language
-Weeks 1-10 Identify whether the statement is a simile or metaphor
-Weeks 11-20 Explain the meaning of similes and metaphors
-Weeks 21-30 Write a simile or metaphor
-Weeks 31-40 Identify whether the statement is an example of hyperbole, alliteration, idiom, or onamatopoia
-Weeks 41-50 Explain the meaning of hyperboles and idioms
-Weeks 51-60 Write figurative language

-Weeks 1-20 Evaluating the meanings of similar sentences and understanding antonyms
-Weeks 21-40 Finding the missing word and understanding cause and effect
-Weeks 41-60 Syllogisms and analogies

Each of the skills set task cards are available for purchase separately, but you will save $12.00 by purchasing this entire set. As always please download the preview and ask any questions before purchasing. Don’t forget to rate this product to earn TN credits for future purchases.

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