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These 52 handwriting practice pages are designed for early learners. With a large font size, children who are just beginning to learn pencil grasp will have success in tracing their letters.

With my own son, at age 4, I've found that he struggles with the small practice letters found on most handwriting pages. These pages were designed with him in mind - and I'm confident that your four and five years old will benefit from the size of these practice letters, as well.

At the top of each page, you'll find an activity box. My son has been working on the Funnix Reading program, and one of the things he enjoys is finding the letters in the boxes on the Funnix practice pages. I added a similar box to these pages for a little practice in letter recognition. Your child can use a pencil, crayon, marker, or bingo dauber to mark the uppercase and lowercase letters.

This pack contains two pages per alphabet letter, with the following themes:

A - apple, astronaut
B - barn, butterfly
C - cow, cowboy
D - dog, dinosaur
E - egg, elephant
F - frog, flower
G - giraffe, grasshopper
H - horse, hammer
I - ice cream, igloo
J - jellyfish, Jesus
K - kangaroo, koala
L - lion, leaf
M - monster, monkey
N - nickel, nest
O - octopus, owl
P - pizza, penguin
Q - quail, quack (quail is actually just a bird picture)
R - rain, radish
S - snowflake, sun
T - turtle, train
U - umbrella, us
V - volcano, vegetables
W - world, worm
X - x-ray, eXit sign
Y - yogurt, you (you is a picture of children)
Z - zoo, zebra


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