Kindergarten Data Binders - Kindergarten Data Notebooks
Common Core, Other (ELA), Common Core
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All you need to begin using Kindergarten Data Binders, Kindergarten Data Notebooks, or Kindergarten Leadership Notebooks is included in this packet.  Students will be excited to track their academic, personal and social growth throughout the year.  It will also give you excellent data about your students’ progress in meeting many common core standards.   If your school happens to sponsor student led conferences, this would be a great resource for your students to use to talk about all their successes.  Your students will be able to track and talk about their progress in the following areas:

* Uppercase/Lowercase/Letter Sound Recognition

* Digraphs/Diphthongs/Suffixes/Combinations Recognition (for those students that need extra challenges)

* Sight Words (Fry’s list 1 -100)

* Color Word Recognition

* Number Word Recognition

* Number Recognition to 20

* Counting by 10’s

* Counting to 100

* 2-D Shapes Recognition

* 3-D Shapes Recognition

* Name Writing

* Letter Writing

* Number Writing

* Number Writing 0 – 20

* My Personal Goals Sheet

* My Social Goals Sheet


Student Mastery Sheets – Shows areas Students have Mastered, includes many Common Core standards:

* Academic Mastery Sheet

* Sight Word Mastery Sheet

* Writing Mastery Sheet

* Reading Skills Mastery Sheet

* Math Skills Mastery Sheet

* Social Goals Mastery Sheet


“I Can Graph” Sheets, includes the following:

* Uppercase Letters/Lowercase Letters, Letter Sounds

* Sight Words/Color Words/Number Words

* Counting to 100

* Fluency

* Test Scores – Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, A/R, and a Blank Test Score Sheet in case there is another area you test in.


Also included is a choice of notebook covers and student assessment pages for students to view while being tested.

** There are separate sheets for quarter or trimester schedules. **

I hope that you find this to be a valuable resource for your students.

Thanks for looking.

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