3rd Grade Common Core Mathematics Assessment Bank
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Common Core Aligned Assessment Bank

Mathematics Grade 3



An Awesome Collection of over 100 Common Core Math Assessments for Grade 3!

This particular assessment bank covers the CCSS in the area of Mathematics  at the third grade level.   The Assessment Bank is organized into five sections:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten,  Numbers and Operations –Fractions, Measurement and Data, and Geometry, which correspond to the five subdomains of the Common Core Mathematics Content Standards  for third grade.  Most, if not all, of the mathematics assessments in this third grade assessment bank can be administered in a group setting.  Specific teacher directions are provided for each assessment in the Assessment Bank. 


The Assessment Bank contains at least one assessment aligned to each of the CCSS Mathematics standards (most standards have two or more aligned assessments).   The standards in the Assessment Banks are deconstructed into two or more objectives for teaching and learning.  The assessments are authentic and curriculum-based and were designed to provide you with relevant student performance data.  These assessments were originally designed to be used in conjunction with my Common Core Standards Aligned IEP Goal and Objective Bank, but can be used by any teacher responsible for teaching and assessing the Common Core State Standards for third graders.  

Due to the nature of some assessments and the frequency of administration, I have included multiple forms of most all assessments, (Form A, Form B, etc.).  For these assessments, teachers can alternate use of the different forms to reduce the possibility that students may learn the responses to the assessments simply by engaging in the assessment repeatedly.  Multiple assessments also allow for the administration of pre- and post-tests to evidence progress and growth in mastering individual standards.


All the mathematics assessments have an accompanying Assessment Record for teachers to use to document student performance and progress in mastering the standard or objective across trials and over time.  Teachers choosing to use these Assessment Records simply transfer the assessment data from the actual teacher or student assessment form to the Assessment Record Form.  These Assessment Record forms would be ideal to use to monitor student performance over time and to report student progress to parents during parent conferences or to team members during Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings.
Also included at the end of the Assessment Banks are three CCSS Class Performance Records , organized by subdomain:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base Ten/Numbers and Operations –Fractions  and Measurement and Data/Geometry.   These Class Performance Records can be used to determine the overall performance toward the Mathematics Common Core Standards for an entire class.  Teachers using these forms can easily and quickly see the overall level of performance for all students in one class related to individual standards to assist in planning and making overall instructional decisions. 


If you are a third grade teacher responsible for teaching and assessing the Common Core Standards in the area of Mathematics, then this Assessment Bank is one resource you do NOT want to be without.


If you are a Special Education Teacher responsible for providing specially designed instruction in the area of mathematics to third grade students aligned to the Common Core, then this Assessment Bank is for you. ASSESSMENTS ALIGN DIRECTLY WITH THE GOALS/OBJECTIVES IN MY COMMON CORE ALIGNED IEP GOAL AND OBJECTIVE BANK – PRIMARY LEVEL, THIRD GRADE MATHEMATICS STANDARDS.



Check out my Preview of this product.



If you have any questions regarding this Common Core Aligned Assessment Bank for Grade3 Mathematics, please feel free to contact me!


Assessment Bank for Fourth Grade Mathematics coming soon!


I have plans are to expand the Assessment Banks to subject areas of Language Arts (writing, speaking and listening, and language) and grades through Grade 5 in the near future. 

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