Math Problem of the Day Student Template - 180 Days
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Ask a student to make a list of what they like least about math and it’s likely that ‘story problems’ will be pretty high on that list.

So, for the past 4 years, I have made it a point to include a ‘Problem of the Day’ in my math lesson plans. The past two years, I have shifted more towards a ‘model-drawing’ method. I have been quite pleased with the results. This prompted me to come up with a more efficient way for students to record their work.

Up until the creation of this Problem Solving template, students simply recorded their work and answer to the day’s problem on a sheet of lined paper. Each day they’d get their paper back and add the next problem to the page. The problem with this system...grading their work was like going on a scavenger hunt in search of their solution. Unfortunately, it seemed no amount of my stressing, complaining, etc. was going to fix the issue. Thus, this newly created document!

Note that this packet does not contain actual story problems. The purchaser will have to find a resource to meet that need...this packet simply contains 40 pages of a Problem of the Day template (work space and final answer space). If you print all 40 pages students will have recording space for 180 days of problems.

If you want to learn more about how I structure Problem of the Day in my classroom as well as some of the Problem of the Day resources I use, please visit Mrs. B's Best Blog

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