Silent e Word Work
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Are you looking for ways to have your emergent readers practice reading beginning sight words and utilize skills in phonics?  Encourage your kids to be silent e detectives!

Moving beyond short vowel CVC words, this literacy pack contains printable sheets and booklets that were designed to further develop confidence and skill in your budding readers as they work with words containing silent e!    Incorporate as part of a literacy center, during small groups, one on one, and/ or as take home sheets.

Here is what is included...

For four vowels (a, i, o, u):
*Please note, we purposely did not create 'Long e' Phonics work as 'long e' in the CVCV form is rare.

  • Listen & Color the pictures (the short vowel sound vs the long vowel sound)
  • Picture and Word Cards  
    (for Rhyming Sound Sorts, Word Sorts, and Word to Picture Matching)
  • The Silent e Clue
  • Look Closely!
  • Read, Match, and Glue
  • Silent e  Detective Notebook Sheets (Read, Stamp, & Trace)
  • Read, Trace, Write, Draw, & See
  • Silent e Word Hunt
  • Which Word Rhymes With the Picture?
  • Build and Write
    (Cut apart the letters and use them to form words that match the pictures.  Then, write the words.)
  • One Sheet Story
  • Cut, Read, and Glue Booklet
    (Cut apart and assemble the booklet.  Read each page and then glue the corresponding picture.)

For Multiple Vowels / Review:

  • 4 Build, Write, and Read Pages
    (Build the CVC words with letter tiles, small letter magnets, letter cubes, etc.  Then, write the word.  Next, read the phrases and sentence at the bottom of the page.)
  • 3 One Sheet Stories
  • 3 Coordinating Cut, Read, and Glue Booklets
  • Hot on the Trail!
  • Detective Bingo!
    (When a picture card is held up, children try to find the corresponding word on their Bingo board.  Once found, you may desire for them to trace the dotted word, stamp the word with a bingo dauber, or place a small item on the word. The first child to mark four words in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins.)


Also, don't miss out!  There are FREE printable black and white student booklets and color teacher versions of the booklets at Hubbard's Cupboard!

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