End-of-Year Project
Social Studies - History, European History, Government, U.S. History, World History
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Review each of your standards using a fun activity that will creatively engage every student in your class!
This end-of-year activity allows students to work in teams to create a project. The great part about it is that they get to choose their topics and type of project. Research shows that when a student chooses what he/she will study, they are more likely to retain the information and put forth greater effort. 
I have implemented this project for several years and have always been pleasantly surprised at the quality of work my students exhibited, as well as the enthusiasm they had for their projects. (Some memorable projects were a civil war movie that was shot "on location" and a VERY creative scrapbook on the Revolutionary War.) The best part was how interested the other students were in seeing each team's projects. They were reviewing an entire year's worth of social studies without realizing it!
This 3 page packet guides students through choosing a topic that you have covered this year in social studies. It also assists them in choosing a way to present that topic. Some choices given are to create a newspaper, create a scrapbook, create a play, create a book, create a poster, etc. 
Students work at their own pace to complete the project in class. At the end of the given time, they are asked to present the project to the class. Students in the audience will use the project presentation form provided to record facts that they learned during each presentation.  
ANY topic or curriculum can be used with this end-of-year project. 
This packet includes:
- Detailed Teachers Notes to help you implement this activity.
- A student project page to guide student through choosing and creating their project.
- A student project presentation form to record facts from other teams' presentations. 
***You can also visit my store to see my Explorers Unit, Native Americans Unit, 13 Colonies Unit, and Part 1 and 2 of the Revolutionary War Unit.***
I love to find creative, inventive ways to teach and pass them along to other teachers. Check out my other products for more great tools!
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