Dolch Pre-Primer High Frequency/Sight Word - Star Words Punch Cards
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Star Light, Star Bright – I Want to Practice “My Star Words” Tonight!


We get a lot of teachers asking us about our "Star Cards" that we use in our classroom.  This is one of the homework teaching tools that we could NOT live without! you can have it in your classroom, too!  

As an incentive to learn high frequency words, each student is given a "punch star card" to track which star words they have mastered.  These cards are sure to be a big hit with your students.  The greatest thing is this homework tool is self-paced!  

This unit contains a zipped file, which contains:

  •  Star Word punch cards for the Pre-primer Dolch Words
  •  Flashcards to send home for practice
  •  An assessment sheet for record-keeping


We have used these cards in our Kindergarten classrooms for the past two years with fantastic results for mastery of the Pre-primer, Primer, and (even some) First-Grade Sight Words. 

Our children are so excited about the Star Word punch cards that they keep working on them until the last week of school… no kidding!

Pre-Primer Dolch Words included:

a                      I                       run

and                 in                     said

away              is                      see

big                  it                      the

blue                jump               three

can                 little                 to

come             look                two

down              make              up

find                 me                  we

for                   my                   where

funny              not                  yellow

go                   one                 you

help                play          

here                red

Thanks for checking out one of our favorite classroom tools, which is also available in Primer and First-Grade Dolch sets.

Any questions or comments can be sent to


Enjoy this product!

Amber and LuAnn

Kindergarten Rocks Blog


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