Ten Frame Teacher Font
Math, Common Core, Arithmetic, Common Core, Numbers, Homeschool
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This font is created after my own Kinder-modeled ten frame drawings. It is designed for you to be able to create math problems, and work using numbers organized into ten frames! It is a .ttf (True-Type Font) file in a zipped folder. You'll need to unzip (right click and select "extract") the folder in order to access the font to install.


  • numerals 0 - 10
  • quantities 0 - 10 in a ten frame
  • quantities 1 - 9 in an unorganized layout
  • groups of ten for numbers 20 - 90 in ten frames (hand-drawn)
  • equation signs: + - =
  • equation/statement pieces: is, and, ___, tens, ones
  • place value reminders for tens and ones
  • a guide to show you where each item is on the keyboard (see more images)


  • You can use this font to create personal use and/or commercial use items.
  • Credit given back to KindergartenWorks is greatly appreciated!

>How to install a font

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