Oh, Baby! An All About Me When I Was Little Math and Literacy Pack
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Start With or Include in Your 'All About Me' Theme.  Little ones love learning about what they were like when they were babies!
What’s Included:
Baby Glyph Patterns and Instructions
Shape Match:  Match the shape on the baby to the shape on the baby carriage.  Print, laminate, and cut apart cards.  Play face up as a matching game or turn cards over and play like ‘memory’
I have/who has Shapes Game:  Any card can start, which will then be the last card read.  This game focuses on listening, waiting for a turn, shape recognition, speaking in sentences.
Baby Bottle Patterning:  Color the bottles in any pattern you choose.  You can purchase miniature bottle from baby shower sections of stores, such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels to practice patterning before coloring in the bottles.
No Ordinary Baby Ordinal Numbers: Little ones listen and follow directions to color the baby’s shirt according to the ordinal number given.
Cut and glue the numbers 0-9 in order.  Two versions are included: One is in black and white, the other in color.
Baby Theme 10 Frames:  Print off as many copies as desired.  Laminate or place in page protectors.  Students use manipulatives, such as miniature babies, bottles, rattles, or diaper pins that can be purchased in a baby shower section of craft/party stores to count out objects up to 10.  My students roll a die/dice and count out that many objects.
Ten In the Bed Math Emergent Reader with Art Project
I have/Who has Baby Blocks Number Recognition Games 0-10 and 0 to 20:  Print, laminate, and cut apart cards.  Pass out cards to students.  Any card can start.  That will be the card to end the game.
Roll, Stamp or Color Baby Blocks:  Two versions are available to use with one or two die.  In version one students roll the die, find the number, and color or bingo dot the number.  Version two requires using two dice or taking two turns to roll.  Add the numbers together and color or bingo dot the answer.
Alphablocks: Print, laminate and cut apart.  Students can match alphabet letter to corresponding letter sound.  Could also play as memory or make two-sided blocks and turn it over to reveal the letter or letter sound.
Fill in the Missing Letter Alpha blocks:  Students write the missing letter.
Pacifier Single Page Color Sheets: Two versions included
Pacifier Colors Emergent Reader: Two versions are available; one has the color words printed in corresponding color for little ones just learning colors.  The second version is for students learning to read color words.
Additional ideas to use with a baby theme!
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