Feelings Journal: a Method to Help Process Feelings and Develop Emotional Skills
Classroom Management, Homeschool, Special Education
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This Feelings Journal is designed to be used as a child is struggling with a feeling. During a moment of anger, frustration, fear, etc., rather than continuing to carry the miserable feeling, the child takes a moment to:

1. Stop

2. Reflect:
What emotion am I feeling? (name it)
How big is that feeling? (give it a number)

3. Open the feelings toolbox (child chooses from list of activities that can help change the mood)
What can I do to change my mood? Do it.

4. Reflect again:
Did the tool help me to feel better? (give it a new number)

The technique/process journal is especially helpful when kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed, battle with siblings or friends, struggle with minor worries, or whine, complain, or get frustrated when things don't go their way. This method teaches children to identify and process feelings in a constructive manner.

This pack contains:
Feelings Journal Cover, options:
• boy
• girl
• both

Things I Could Do To Change My Mood List, versions:
• home
• school
• child-created

Journal Page, versions:
• independent reader - this version includes 2 journal entries on one side of a paper
• early reader - on this version, children may wish to draw pictures rather than write words. They can circle the picture that best describes their feelings and circle the number to show how big the feeling is. Boy/Girl/Both versions included.

Booklist – suggested list of titles that cover a range of feelings.

Book Basket Labels – If your home or classroom library contains feelings books, you may want to use the enclosed labels to make baskets that focus on each of the feelings. Many of the books on the attached booklist may also be found in your library. If children choose reading on the Change My Mood List, they may wish to select from the feelings baskets.

This could be used at home or school...anywhere that children have the opportunity to stop what they are doing for a few minutes and change gears/activities long enough to recognize and process their current feelings.

School note: the list of activities include movement. The document specifies that the child needs to get teacher approval before doing an activity. If the list is not well-suited to your situation, a sheet is included to develop your own classroom list of 10 activities.

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