Vacation Workstation...a Brain Playground
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Using these adorable workstations--made from simple file folders--students keep their brains active during summer break and other school vacations with:

  • Nature Journal Mini Books - children go outside and use words and pictures to record things in the natural environment.
  • Math Blackout - using common household games, students play one game each day, focusing on different math concepts. This encourages families to make use of the card and board games they have available, noting math concepts highlighted by each game.

Please Note: a suggested Math Game List is included, though individual users will need to take inventory of the games they have available.

  • Book Bingo - children select diverse reading materials by choosing content from ideas on a grid. Each of the 4 different sheets may be played as a bingo (3 in a row) or as a blackout.
  • Reading List - students record the date and title of books read, either as a daily log or to record books completed.

Complete directions with photos and worksheets are included.  A Family Letter is included to help parents implement the activities with their children.

After assembly, the accordion-style workstation can be used as-is or made into a compact book, approximately 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".

I made these as an end-of-year gift for my students & a welcome-to-summer gift for my own kids. In the homeschool setting, workstations can be used on an ongoing basis. They might also be assigned as independent homework during the school year.

Update (6/22/2013): I've added a simpler Book Bingo for grades K-1 as well as a Math Blackout with activities for students who are in kindergarten or preparing for grade 1.

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