"Advent is for Waiting" Interactive Sight Word Reader
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This is an emergent reader to provide students with an opportunity to learn to read and spell the sight word “for” in a hands-on way. Each page of Advent is for Waiting contains a predictable sentence missing the word “for” Students will cut apart the letters to spell “for” (included), then unscramble and glue the letters into each page to correctly spell the sight word. Each page of the booklet also features pictures to support the text.

Copy Advent is for Waiting book and the corresponding scrambled word cutouts for each student. Separate book pages by cutting each 8.5x11” sheet in half and staple the books together for students. 

You can separate “for” cutouts and distribute 1 word at a time in class, or provide students with full sheets of cutouts for a Literacy Center. 

Copyright © 2012 Maria Manore

Images Copyright © 2012 Ashley Hughes All rights reserved.
Fonts- Century Gothic, Minya Nouvelle, Primer Print, Print Clearly, and Doodle Tipsy font byLettering Delights 

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