Through the Year Calendar Numbers
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This is a collection of 12 calendar number sets. Each set contains 36 number cards (1-34, plus 23/30 and 24/31) measuring 2.5x2.5”. All sets feature fun seasonal images, clear bold numbers, and a brightly colored border in a variety of patterns that are perfect for each month of the year. 

Number Set Image and Pattern Details:
August: Backpacks in ABCDEF pattern
September: Apples in AB pattern
October: Monsters in ABCD pattern
November: Pilgrim and Indian boys and girls in ABCD pattern
December: Gingerbread boy, girl, and house in ABC pattern
January: Penguins in AB pattern
February: Candy in ABBA pattern
March: Leprechaun boy, girl, and rainbow in ABBC pattern
April: umbrellas and rainclouds in ABCB pattern
May: Flowers in AABBCC pattern
June: Beach umbrellas in ABB pattern
July: Flip-flops in ABCDE pattern

Print each set of calendar number cards and trim to separate. For best results, print on white cardstock and laminate before trimming. 

Copyright © 2012 Maria Manore
Images Copyright © 2012 KPM Doodles All rights reserved.
Fonts - Century Gothic, Minya Nouvelle, Primer Print

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