Grades K-8 Math Goals: EXCEL Curriculum and Assessment Planner
Math, Common Core, Classroom Management, Homeschool, Special Education
Assessment, Classroom Form
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Refining your Curriculum for Common Core  If you feel like there is too much to teach, it's time to compare the goals of CCSS to your curriculum. See what can be omitted at your grade level and what should be emphasized! This EXCEL product includes EIGHT spreadsheets plus an introduction sheet that is downloadable as the free Preview.

Common Core Domains and Goals  You will get 50-60 clearly written math goals per grade level, organized by Common Core domains and clusters. These goals are the same as in other highly rated Common Core products in this shop. The domains are color-coded and have unique letter-shaped icons to help you locate content quickly. All goals are directly based on CCSS; the correlation numbers are listed. 

Using the Content Goals  The 'K-8 Goals' spreadsheet lists all content goals for K-8, along with five columns to use for curriculum analysis, instructional plans, or to track student progress. There is also space to add custom goals such as goals for Mathematical Practices. A printable 110-page PDF of this spreadsheet in also included. It has extra space in each row for teachers who want to make plans on paper instead of within Excel. Other spreadsheets show goals for each specific domain, making it easy to see related goals across several grades. 

Making a Paper Trail  The 'Class Goal Assessment' form lets you easily create and print up to 10 forms at once. Just enter your students' names and up to 10 goal numbers. This will automatically create a page for each goal that includes the students' names, the CCSS number, and the goal statement, along with space to record for each student's mastery of a goal.  

Related Products  The same goals in this product are used throughout other products for communicating the Common Core standards, both for mathematical content and practices. Click the BUNDLE for your grade for links to all related products. The Excel product for each grade level includes space for tracking progress of up to 30 students and for creating class assessment forms.
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