Fiction Book Club: Social Media
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This is the next installment in my series of book club projects! Students love the social media theme: pages mimic Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Pages include:

  • Title and Assignment Page
  • Four Book Club Literature Roles:

A.Character Profile:Create a social media profile for a character in the book. You may not repeat characters that other students have already used. Skill: character traits and reading comprehension..

B. Chirp It: Sequence the events during your reading using four entries 140 characters long (letters and punctuation marks) or fewer. Chirp from a main character’s perspective. Try to use words that that character would use. Skills: point of view, sequencing, summarizing, character’s voice.

C. Word Pinner:Create a pin board about words you don’t know in your reading. Use context clues to make a good guess about the word’s meaning before looking it up in the dictionary. Draw an illustration that explains what the word means. Skills: context clues, dictionary skills.

D. Photographer:Make a photo album for a character from the assigned section of the reading. Illustrate two IMPORTANT EVENTS in order and write captions for each “photo” from a character’s perspective. Skills: sequencing, perspective.


  • Book Review
  • Grading Rubric

I hope you enjoy this book club project! I copy these pages so they make a folded in half, Hamburger- style booklet with a cardstock cover. I cut out each job and tape them onto a paper before copying them so that they will open like a booklet. Look at the images to see some examples of what I mean:

If you liked this project, here are some more book club projects:





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