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Dear Colleagues,

As a younger, more naïve teacher, I asked my students to gather current events for discussion in my classroom.  I was appalled at the choices they made.  I really didn’t want to focus on sensational crimes in my classroom.  What I learned from that experience, I have included in this book.

I still want my students to pay attention to current events.  Now I connect this assignment with something we are studying.  Students could use this form to collect information on an assigned social studies or science topic.  My students must write a persuasive essay as a state social studies requirement.  The form on page 3 takes place of the index card system for research.

The year I taught my fifth grade students about U. S. Government, students found articles that illustrated each of the Amendments to the Constitution.  The form on page 4 could be duplicated for each assignment or used as a template for the project to be completed on notebook paper.

My favorite assignment is on page 5. It involves collecting media sources is a project I call “Kids Can.” Every week in our local newspaper there are stories of students who, either on their own or in a group, accomplished something meaningful for the community or school.  I want my students to collect good news and see some possibilities for their own lives.

If your text books are like mine, they are old and outdated.  I have included an assignment on page 6 for comparing what they have read in an old text book with a current event.  Students can compare places, people groups, and economic conditions from a past point in history with the current situation.

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