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Dear Colleagues,

I have written about my incentive system for good behavior on my blog The Artistry of Education.  I have put the privileges and six of the coupons I use in this packet.  I added a set of privileges for the “Desk Fairy” in case that is a tradition you have in your class. 

The final sheet is a recent addition.  I had my students fill it out in small groups and we discussed it as a whole class.

I find that when I focus on the good choices that are made in my room, my attitude is better and my classroom runs more smoothly.  I explain that a privilege is an activity that someone earns for doing what they are supposed to.  I show them the small privileges and explain that I will write the name of the recipient and hand it to the student when I notice that person doing something right.  I often choose a particular behavior I want to encourage in my room like quick transitions or responding quickly to a request for attention. 

Sometimes I am busy and don’t have the privileges handy.  I found a solution that provides a built in reward for some students.  I have a section on the whiteboard where students write their names if I owe them a privilege.  I have them add a number next to their name if I owe them more than one.  At a time that is convenient to me, I would pass out the privileges.  This year I found that my students wanted to leave their names on the board until they earned enough for a coupon they wanted (usually four).  Some simply wanted their names on the board with an ever increasing number after them.

New coupons can be negotiated with your class.  Some students want a chance to lead a class routine or sit in the teacher’s chair for the day.  I don’t usually buy lots of prizes, but I find with some classes pencils, grips, and erasers are good choices.

I hope this brings peace in your classroom.

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