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Suggestions for Using Writing Plays with Intermediate Students

          My intermediate students enjoy reading and performing plays.  They were excited to write and perform their own.  While working through this unit, students had another format to practice their writing.  Included in this book you will find two sample plays, a writing process for plays, and a rubric for grading.

          I scheduled this assignment during our reading/writing workshop time.  During this block, I have a time for me to model and give direct instruction.  I schedule group times for editing and practicing.  I insist upon a silent work time each day during literacy time for students to practice reading and writing independently.

          I asked my students to write a scene with two or three characters in a realistic conflict, because it kept the story focused.  I also told them that they could not include a narrator, because I wanted them to practice showing the story through action and dialogue instead of relying on telling.  This assignment was kept relatively short so that several groups could perform in an afternoon.

          I allowed the students the choice to perform their plays.  Some merely completed their play as a writing assignment.  Others directed other students in their plays.  Still others wrote, directed and starred in their own productions.  Because we have access to other plays for students to practice fluency, I did not make this mandatory.  If you choose to have everyone perform, you could use this as a communication grade.

          This product includes two assignments, a rubric for grading, a printable interview transcript, and three mentor texts.

I hope you enjoy writing plays with your students.

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