Ordeal by Cheque Inference Activity using Twitter
English Language Arts
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“Ordeal by Cheque” by Wuther Crue is a story that was published in “Vanity Fair” in 1932 told entirely through checks. It makes for an excellent lesson in inference.

Students not only need to infer what is being purchased with these checks but they also need to infer what story is being told JUST through the checks!

I used to have the students write a narrative story about the checks, but this year I got a little bored with that and decided to have the students take a more modern approach by having them turn the checks into tweets!

I do this activity every year in my classroom when I teach inference. The students have a hard time reading the cursive at first, but once they get beyond their whining, the stories they come up with are always GREAT and imaginative (while still using inference). 

This product includes all of the materials I use to teach this activity (both narrative and tweet version) including a little more detailed explanation of how I teach it (as well as the links to the story online)

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