WATT Valley Brain Builders with Try-It-Out Tate & Think-About-It Tucker
Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Homeschool, Centers, Games, Common Core
2.4 MB PDF file - 86 page(s)
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I am so excited to share the children of W.A.T.T. Valley with you!!! This brand new series has been years in development, and the characters you will meet in W.A.T.T. Valley have been thoughtfully designed to provide your students with inspiration and encouragement! 

This W.A.T.T. resource pack centers on the adventures of both Try-It-Out Tate and Think-About-It Tucker. These are excellent resources for use in collaboration with other W.A.T.T. Valley learning materials, however they are also excellent stand-alone elements for encouraging your students to develop important critical thinking and problem-solving skills, applicable in both classroom and real-world settings.

Think-About-It Tucker and Try-It-Out Tate work together in this resource pack to encourage students to expand and enrich their knowledge of geography, math, literature, etc. Through these classroom “Scavenger Hunts” or quizzes, students may work either cooperatively or independently to answer 4 questions, 4 bonus questions, and 1 ultimate bonus.

In my room I use these quizzes to award points and encourage teamwork and investigative research. Each question is worth 1 point, star/bonus questions are worth 2 points, and the asterisk/ultimate bonus is worth 3 points. I reward the winning team with Table Points, which are a part of my classroom management system. If you are interested in more of my Classroom Management resources, these are also available at my TN store.

I have also used these student responses as a research grade. You may distribute provided handouts/scoresheets to students on which they will respond. I typically do 1 scavenger hunt a week. There are 2 volumes included here; Volume 2 is more advanced than Volume 1 and includes more quizzes than the first pack.

In a scavenger hunt type activity, I encourage students to use any resources found in our classroom to discover the information needed to answer each questions. Sample resources include encyclopedias, maps, dictionaries, poetry books, etc. I have found this to be a great way to increase my students’ understanding of reference materials, nonfiction texts, maps, and graphs, while at the same time adding some fun and excitement to our instruction. Hope you enjoy these inquiry-based investigations! Shannon

W.A.T.T. Valley Characters, Products, and Derivatives--Copyright, Shannon Bryant's Brain Train, 2011
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