2nd Grade Weekly Common Core Aligned Student Graphs for the Whole School Year!
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Does this standard look familiar??

2.MD.10: Draw a picture graph or a bar graph (with single-unit scale) to represent a data set with up to four categories. Solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems using information represented in a bar graph.

Imagine hitting this standard once a week for the entire school year?? 
In this pack you will get 4-5 Common Core aligned graphs for every month in the school year {August-May} for a total of 44 graphs. They progress in difficulty and skill as the year goes by! Perfect for second graders!

Directions and Ideas:
These graphs are so versatile that you can use them however you want! I use them as a weekly graph activity every Monday! I also make a big copy on chart paper and fill out the graph as a class as the kiddos record on their own sheet! Here are some other ideas:
Single sheets as a weekly math warm-up any day of the week!
Bound into a book and do a graph a week as a class!
Only use specific ones for a small group lesson!
Use them as a re-teach lesson!
Ive included monthly covers! You can even make monthly booklets 

Pgs. 1-2: Cover & Contents 
Pg. 3: Directions & Ideas 
Pgs. 4-5: August Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 6-10: August Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 11-12: September Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 13-16: September Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 17-18: October Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 19-23: October Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 24-25: November Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 26-30: November Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 31-32: December Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 33-36: December Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 37-38: January Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 39-42: January Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 43-44: February Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 45-49: February Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 50-51: March Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 52-55: March Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 56-57: April Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 58-61: April Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 62-63: May Covers (Color & BW) 
Pgs. 64-67: May Graph Sheets 
Pgs. 68: Credits

The following are Common Core standards that are practiced in these graphs:

Download the preview to see a sample of one of the November covers and graphs!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email me!! Check out my blog for more ideas!
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