Classroom Helpers Kit for a Class Jobs Board
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Do you need a super cute way to display your classroom helpers or jobs? Here it is!
I have included 18 jobs!
The helpers that are in my pack are:
Line Leader: Stands at the front of the line and models how to stand in line!
Line Ender: Stands at the end of the line and make sure everyone is straight!
Door Holder: Holds the door and makes sure that everyone makes it out of the room!
Messenger: Delivers things to other teachers or to the office!
Teacher's Assistant: Helps the teacher with anything she might need!
Lunch Helpers: Carries the lunches to the cafeteria!
Breakfast Helpers: Cleans up the breakfast and puts the food/cooler outside!
Recess Helpers: Takes the equipment in and out of the room!
Light Monitor: In charge of turning off and on the lights when teacher says!
Clean Up Officer: Makes sure that the floor is clean after activities!
Insurance Monitor: Helps students with a clean up {drops pencil box or breakfast}!
Calendar Helper: Leads class in calendar or helps teacher!
Paper Passer: Passes out papers to students!
Pencil Sharpener: Sharpens pencils!
Library Monitor: Makes sure that the classroom library is organized and books are put away!
Library Book Helper: Takes the class books to the library for specials!
Board Eraser: Erases the board for the teacher when she needs it!
Substitute: Does the job of an absent student!

I have also included two different sizes: a small size that you can use with library pockets and a full size that can be used on its own. I also made student numbers that can be attached to popsicle sticks. There are also headers for your new board!

Did you ever make the same student be the door holder because you had forgotten who's done what job? You will no longer have that problem! I have included a job checklist! Once a child has been a certain job you can just check them off! How easy!

Here are the contents!

Pg. 1: Cover Page
Pg. 2: Contents Page
Pg. 3: Classroom Helper Cards Description
Pgs. 4-10: Small Classroom Helper Cards {Directions, Pictures, & Cards}
Pgs. 11-17: Full Size Classroom Helper Cards {Directions, Pictures, & Cards}
Pgs. 18-19: Student Number Cards
Pgs. 20-22: Classroom Helpers Checklist
Pgs. 23-25: Classroom Helpers Board Headers
Pg. 26-27: Credits and Preview
***Pg. 28-29: Blank Student Name Labels***

Helpers Included: Line Leader, Line Ender, Door Holder, Messenger, Teachers Assistant, Lunch Helpers, Breakfast Helpers, Recess Helpers, Light Monitor, Clean Up Officer, Insurance Monitor, Calendar Helper, Paper Passer, Pencil Sharpener, Library Monitor, Library Book Helper, Substitute, Board Eraser, Table Captain, and Morning Message Helper.
Blank Cards and Student Name/Sticks Cards Included!!

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to email me! I will also work on different themes! Let me know what you would be interested in!

Check out my blog and store for other ideas! :)

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