Force and Motion Unit Bundle
Science, Physical Science
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This product includes all the following products:


Word Walls- Force and Motion


Lesson- Speed and Motion

Lesson- Acceleration and Velocity

Lesson- Force and Friction

Lesson- Net Balances

Lesson- Newton's Laws of Motion

Project- Trivia Board Game Review

Lab: Speed Obstacle Course

Editable Assessments



Product Details:

-Cornell notes: 

There are two versions--filled and fill-in-the-blank. Notes are completed by following along with the PowerPoint. This allows you to walk around, support, and engage with students. There are five criteria to the Cornell notes: header with essential questions, student notes, drawings of main ideas, summary, and student-derived question (Depths of Knowledge).

-Power Point Presentation (PDF): 

Presentation guides direct instruction as students follow along and complete their Cornell notes. Presentation revisits anticipation guide statements from the beginning of the lesson and at the end (serves as warm-up), has built-in mini quizzes (editable) at the end of each lesson to check for understanding (5 multiple choice questions students answer on the back of their notes), pictures to help learn the material, and starter sentences to support students complete the summary section of their Cornell notes (differentiated instruction).


An activity follows the Cornell note in order to support and reinforce students' understanding of the content and provide students an opportunity to think critically by creating something new with the input received from the notes. There are five criteria: written portion, art, color, reflection, and an “excellent" component to encourage students to do a quality piece of work. 

Each criteria is worth one point making each Cornell and activity worth five points. For easy grading, simply circle missing components or stamp to designate full credit. As a teacher, I am out the door after the bell rings and I do not bring any grading home. I truly am the teacher time saver!

Product notes:

1. Make sure to extract file in order to open the zipped file.

2. Purchase license to share if more than one teacher will be using this product. Keep in mind this product took time to create with the teacher and student in mind. Thank you for understanding.

3. To open the PowerPoint Presentation, which is a PDF and not editable, open the PDF, click on "View" and select "Full Screen Mode."

Check out my store for more bundle units on Physical science and Earth Science to save time and money as these units also follow the same procedures and expectations! You save big by purchasing bundles! They include the following, which siome are also sell individually:

-Pre-assessment/Warm-up activity: Includes a unit cover with the Next Generation Science Standards and a word bank. Also includes a worksheet: designed to uncover what your students know, don’t know, and what they can anticipate to learn in the unit. PowerPoint is included to guide activity.

-Assessments: test, quiz, answer key, and reflection activity.

-Lessons: five Cornell notes, activities to reinforce input, and a PowerPoint for each lesson

-Projects: includes directions, rubric, and templates for most

-Notebook set-up: table of contents, score sheet, teacher strategies and suggestions on how to use interactive notebook.

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The Teacher Time Saver


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