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Welcome to Red Apple Teacher! I hope you find some fun resources to help with math and literacy centers for Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade. Most centers come with printable recording sheets for student accountablility.  In my shop, you can find lots of engaging centers for math and literacy as well as educational games.  I also have lots of literacy and math tied to thematic units and holidays. I hope you enjoy and find many useful resources!

Write & Wipe--Monster Addition to 10 Center for K-1

I hope your class enjoys this monster themed addition center.

This center is designed for your K-1 classroom. The center is a handy “write & wipe” activity. There are 30 cards with addition sums to 10. Students will write an addition sentence to show the amount of candy in the monster's hands. They will use a dry erase marker, and then erase. Years of use from this easy prep center!

Great for centers or small group work.

An optional recording sheet is provided, as well as two task cards.

Print the cards with the sums you wish for your students to practice.
Laminate and cut apart.
Print the task card and laminate.
Print a recording sheet for each child (optional).

Students may choose some of their addition sentences to write on their recording sheet. 

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Easy Prep resources for PK-2!
Word Wall Word (Sight Words) Sentence Writing (Pack 1)

Word Wall Word (Sight Words) Sentence Writing (Pack 1)

This word wall word (sight word) (Pack 1) activity is great for morning work, literacy centers, and modeled sentence writing. Students are to write each word three times and create a sentence with each word. This pack contains six pages. Each page has five word wall words (sight words) totaling 30 words for the pack. The words included are the, my, see, like, can, we, go, is, play, run, it, to, look, at, am, big, little, you, and, down, up, me, he, she, not, yes, here, are, in, and no. On each page, after the word, there are three blank lines for students to write each word three times. The two blank lines below that allow students to create a sentence with each word. This can be an independent activity for students to write their own sentences. This activity can also be used after students write their own sentences to respond to suggestions from peers and add details to strengthen writing. Another activity for this pack is for students to write sentences together as a whole class while the teacher models writing the sentence on chart paper or promethean board for students to copy. Have one student tell a sentence with the word, then as the teacher models writing the sentence reminding students about capital letters, spaces, and ending punctuation, the students write the same sentence on their paper. This modeled writing really promotes writing growth in all students. I hope you see your students’ writing grow leaps and bounds. 









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Frogs - Numbers (0-20) and Number Words (zero-ten) Sequencing

Frogs - Numbers (0-20) and Number Words (zero-ten) Sequencing 

(black and white set)
This 4 page pack was created with differentiation for students in mind. Students can sequence numbers 0-10, 11-20, or 0-20 depending on the level of each student. Students who already know these numbers can work on sequencing number words zero-ten. 

You will need to provide students with a piece of paper or sentence strip to glue the numbers/words to after they put them in order. I always like to use a sentence strip or cut long construction paper in half and tape the pieces together to have one long strip so that students practice gluing them in order from left to right without having to sweep back to the left to glue some. 

This activity is also great for math centers or a pocket chart activity. Each sheet can be copied on colored tagboard, laminated, cut apart and put in a Ziploc bag for a math center to be used over and over throughout the year. It also makes a great concentration (memory) game using numbers and number words 0-10. 

It also makes great work for students when you have a substitute since the entire activity takes a while with coloring the pieces, cutting them out, and gluing the pieces in order. Students love adding their own color to decorate their number strip. 

For the colored set (four pages):

Copy each page, laminate, cut out, and place in a bag for student use in a center or other time during the day. These can be used over and over throughout the year. 

This activity is great for math centers or a pocket chart activity. If you do not have a pocket chart, students can sequence the numbers on the floor or table. It also makes a great concentration (memory) game using numbers and number words 0-10. Make two copies of the pages needed for a memory game. 

This colored set of numbers can also be laminated and used in a math center for counting sets of objects. Cut the numbers apart and put in a bag with manipulatives of your choice. Have students choose a number card and count out the correct number of manipulatives (not included) to match the number chosen. 

The colored set of frogs create a pattern when placed in the correct order (red, yellow, blue, and green middles).

I hope your students enjoy this fun activity. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Sherry Clements

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Emergent Reader: My Gg Book: Sight Words (is, for)

This emergent reader, My Gg Book, is connected to several CCGPS listed below. This 12 page book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut in half, staple, and then it is ready for use. The 12 pages consist of a title page “My Gg Book,” eight pages including a black and white picture that begins with /g/ at the top of each page and a sentence under the picture. These eight pages include the sentence “G is for (then the word to match picture is shown, such as “G is for goat”). The 8 pictures included are goat, grapes, game, glove, girl, gift, gas, and gate. At the end of the book, there are three optional activity pages (for differentiation) which may be included depending on the level of your students. You may want to include all or some of these for intervention pages or extension activity pages. One of these optional pages requires students to circle the uppercase and lowercase letter being used in the book, one requires students to write 5 uppercase and 5 lowercase letters, and the last one requires students to write 5 words beginning with the letter. For an extension activity, students may also add a second sentence to each page giving more details about the picture. Students can benefit from this reader by tracking print, identifying spaces between words, identifying particular letters of the alphabet, recognizing sounds (beginning, middle, and ending) in each word, and reading sight words and grade level text. For extension activities, students could add another sentence to each page giving details about each picture shown. The black and white pictures allow students the opportunity to color the pictures. This reader is great for guided reading groups, homework, or literacy center activities.

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ELACCKRF1a. Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page-by-page.
ELACCKRF1d. Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
ELACCKRF1b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.
ELACCKRF1c. Understand that words are separated by spaces in print. ELACCKRF3a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of more frequent sounds for each consonant.
ELACCKRF3c. Read common high-frequency words by sight.
ELACCKRF4. Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding.  

October Scrambled Sentences (Cut and Paste)

October Scrambled Sentences (Cut and Paste) Fall - Autumn - Farm/Zoo --- 

This pack can be used during any fall/autumn month. 

***ATTENTION!*** This pack does NOT relate to HALLOWEEN!!

Great for morning work, homework, or center time. This October pack includes 40 pages. There are 20 October (fall) related pictures for students to unscramble the sentence at the bottom of each page by cutting the words out and gluing in the correct order to tell about the picture. There are 2 pages of each picture making the pack 40 pages. The first page with each picture has the “unscramble the sentence” activity and then students are to TRACE the sentence that matches the unscrambled sentence in the box. The second page with each picture has the “unscramble the sentence” activity, but then there is a blank box for students to WRITE the unscrambled sentence on their own (no tracing like the first page for each picture).

A black and white picture is included at the top of each page for students to color. This activity requires students to find the word with the capital letter to place first in the sentence and to find the last word by looking for the ending punctuation. Then students have to arrange the rest of the words in order to make sense and to match the picture at the top. A variety of word choices are included to provide for differentiation. 

Higher students could turn to the back of their paper and add more sentences to create a story about the picture. 

The 20 sentences included are:
What color is the leaf?
Can you count the acorns?
We went to the zoo.
Did you see the tiger?
I see two little pumpkins.
We can rake the leaves.
We went to the farm.
Did you see the horse?
Do you see the scarecrow?
He is in the garden.
Did he scare the crows?
Where are all the leaves?
We will eat the apples.
She jumped in the leaves.
The pumpkin pie looks good!
The apple pie smells good!
The pumpkin is very big!
Do you see the seeds?
My apple basket is full.
What color are the apples?

I hope your students have fun with these scrambled sentences!

Thank you for stopping by!

Sherry Clements

Salem Witch Trials Word Search (Grades 7-12) with Key

This product includes 1 word search puzzle and 1 answer key, which contain terms relating to the Salem witch trials. Students are asked to find and circle words. Words may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forward, or backward.

Puzzle answers on the teacher’s answer key is highlighted according to color: red = horizontal words, yellow = vertical words, and teal = diagonal words.

Our original puzzle is written primarily for grades 7-12 and does not contain pictures.

Salem Witch Trials Word Search List
- Salem Village
- Puritans
- afflicted girls
- accused
- Tituba
- Good
- Osborne
- witchcraft
- Gallows Hill
- terminer
- Court of Oyer
- Bridget Bishop

Macbeth Character Quiz with Key

This product is a 1-page character quiz on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The original, 20-question quiz is written for grades 9-12 and may be given at the end of the play. Answer key included.

Macbeth Character Quiz Contents (20 questions total)
A. Match the character to the description and write the letter next to the character. (10 characters)
B. Indicate whether the statement is true or false with a “T” or “F”. (10 statements)

Fall-Autumn Coloring Stationery Set

A fall/autumn coloring stationery set with 6 envelope templates, 6 notepapers and 6 cards which come in lined and unlined versions and with some variations. JPEG and PDF format.

This set is only for personal and educational use (classroom, homeschooling). Commercial use not allowed.

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