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Vocabulary jar

   Bright VOCABULARY JAR is a great idea which will help with recirculation of the studied vocabulary.
We put the slips of paper with words or pictures in it. The jar is constantly replenished with new words and expressions.

How to use:

Great warm-up for any lesson. 
Children take a piece of paper from the jar. If it's a word, it has to be read right. If the picture – called. Of course, this should be done correctly, then it can be kept, otherwise it is sent back to the jar. 

☛ Charades. 
Can be used at the end of the lesson. One student shows the word, and others have to guess. Who guessed right becomes the leader. 

☛ Definitions.
This activity can be done with more advanced students. The leader has to explain the word, the others guess.

Other activities.

  • Students take turns to take out a card and call the word or make a sentence with this word, using the appropriate grammar pattern. 
  • The child gets a card and calls all the known words that belong to this category (for example, if you have the word red, the child calls all the colors s/he knows or remembers).
  • Throw out all the cards and have students divide them into categories. For example, animals, food, sports, school things etc.
  • Take out 2-3 words and make one sentence with them.
  • Students take cards one by one and make a funny story all together with a general plot.
  • Deal the same number of words from the jar between students, the goal is to get rid of all cards faster than others. The difficulty of the task will depend on the age and level of the learners (e.g. they have to read/call words, make sentences or a story, translate into L1 etc).

You can play all these games in teams/ pairs or in the individual competition.
The more topics have been studied, the more words will be accumulated in the jar. For students who have been studied several years, it can become interesting and engaging to collect vocabulary for a few years.

☝ You may also make the same speaking/writing jars filling them with appropriate tasks and activities.

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Forest Animals Trace the Words Worksheets Preschool/Kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten students will enjoy developing their handwriting skills with these fun Forest Animals Trace the Words worksheets. File contains two worksheets with 10 words. Students simply read the words and trace them.

Forest Animals Word List:
bear, bird, deer, fox, owl, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, snake, squirrel

Answer key is not included and is not needed. Product is not editable.

Apple Dice One Digit Addition Adding 3 Numbers Worksheets

Help students practice adding with our four, fun autumn-themed worksheets. Students count the apples on the dice, add three 1-digit numbers (with sums to 20), and write the sum in the box. Answer key included.

Each worksheet contains four, horizontal problems (labeled 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, etc.) and black and white clipart. Worksheets may be used in math centers, as homework, or as assessment. Perfect addition to any back-to-school or fall math unit.

Halloween Ghost Writing Activities

This packet contains 8 printable writing activities. Answer keys are not included and are not needed. Most pages contain a black and white clipart picture of a ghost. Product is not editable. Written for grades 1-3. Perfect addition to any Halloween or fall/autumn unit.

Packet includes the following:

- Writing Paper (1 whole sheet, solid lines, no border or picture box)

- Writing Paper (1 whole sheet, dotted lines, no border or picture box)

- Ghost Bubble Map

- Ghost Adjectives (Write six adjectives about topic, and then write six sentences.)

- Writing Paper (1 half sheet, solid lines, no border or picture box)

- Writing Paper (1 half sheet, dotted lines, no border or picture box)

- If a ghost moved into my house, I would... Writing Prompt (solid lines with picture box)

- If a ghost moved into my house, I would... Writing Prompt (dotted lines with picture box)

Fall Objects Count and Clip Preschool Cards

Help preschool students with numbers and counting with these fun, educational clip cards containing colorful pictures of autumn-themed objects.

File includes three pages with 12 clip cards of a tree, bales of hay, scarecrows, sweaters, squirrels, apples, pumpkins, a boy raking the leaves, acorns, fall leaves, and a blank card with no picture to represent the number zero.

The first card just contains the text, "Fall Objects Count and Clip Cards" and instructions. Students count the pictures and use clothespins or paperclips to mark the number. Numbers are from 0-10.

An answer key is not included and is not needed. Product is not editable. Each card measures about 4-13/16 inches by 3-7/8 inches.

Number Tracing 0 - 20 Worksheets --- Back to School

This product is perfect to teach children numbers by counting, tracing and writing. This activity is perfect for morning work, homeschools, PreK, and kindergarten. 

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Paula the Pirate Read and Write

Paula the Pirate Read and Write

This product is NOW AVAILABLE in a Read and Write Bundle (set 3) 
offering a SAVINGS of 12%.

In this three page Read and Write pack, students will read the one page story and color the pictures. Then there are two pages with five sentences on each page about the story. Each sentence has a missing word. At the end of each sentence, there are two words for students to choose the correct missing word. Students will circle the word that correctly completes the sentence matching the story on the first page, and then write the correct word in the blank. 

This is a great reading and comprehension check for guided reading, a mini lesson, a literacy center, or homework.

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FREE -- Subtraction Word Problem (Ladybugs) FREEBIE

 FREE -- Subtraction Word Problem (Ladybugs) FREEBIE

This one page addition word problem freebie allows students to use a number line, ten frame, and an equation to solve the problem. A matching picture is also helpful in solving the word problem. Students can also color the picture. 

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This is great for morning work, math centers, homework, or a mini lesson.

I hope your students enjoy this freebie to help them become successful at solving addition word problems.

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Back to School: Progress Through the Year - (Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd)

This “Back to School: Progress Through the Year” pack is great for showing student progress throughout the school year in many areas. It shows progress in coloring, name writing, drawing self, family, and house, writing ABC’s and numbers, and drawing a picture and writing about it (writing pages include plain lines and dotted lines). 
Each area (skill) has 3 pages for the first and last days of school and a page that can be dated for use as needed throughout the school year. Four cover pages are included to allow for a variety of grade range use including preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and second grades.
This is great to save and bind together at the end of the school year. It makes a great keepsake for parents. It is so much fun seeing and showing the students and parents the progress the students made in the different skills throughout the year.

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Warm up alphabet

Warm up alphabet is not only a set of beautiful cards, but also an excellent warm-up during the class and a great opportunity to diversify the lessons with kids' favourite and familiar games.

How to use:

☛ children call the first letter of their names (name of mum, dad, friend, pet, favorite superhero etc.) and perform the task written on this letter card;

☛ active spelling. 
Option 1: choose a few words to brush up the spelling in a fun active form (3-5 words which aren't too long, e.g. cat, frog, house, ruler etc. 
Option 2: divide the students into groups (4-6 people), choose the word from target vocabulary that contains a certain number of letters (according to the number of children in the group) for students to spell in action - each child performs a task on his letter card (all at the same time or one by one). It's a great idea for TPR, which doesn't require additional preparations;

☛ hangman. 
The kids try to guess the secret word calling out the letters one by one. If a child is wrong, he takes a certain letter card and performs the written task;

☛ race (for groups learning the alphabet). 
Divide the children into two teams. (it's better to play outside or inside if the classroom is spacious enough). Put the flashcards on one side of the playground. Players are standing on the other side.  The teacher calls a letter, the first representatives of every team run to the cards. The first to bring the correct letter, wins a point for his/her team. The team of losers performs the task written on the back of the letter card;

☛ bomb. 
Put the cards in the center, the children pass the ball in a circle. Tell them that the ball is a bomb and they have to pass it gently in order not to blow it up. Start a timer for a few seconds. Ask students to pass the “bomb”. When it “blows up”, that student who was holding the ball, takes a card, names a letter, reads the task on the back side and performs it. The quicker the game, more fun it is!

☛ 10 seconds. 
Shuffle the letter cards and put them in a pile. The task is to name as many letters (sounds or words which start with these very letters) in a row as possible for 10 seconds only. When the time is over, the child performs the task written on the next card, which he did not have time to name.

☛ what is missing? 
Put a number of flashcards with letters (6-8) on the table (or floor) face-up in order all the players could see them properly. Students look at the cards trying to memorize as many as possible. Ask them to close their eyes and remove one (or more cards). Ask: what's missing? They must name the missing card. The student who does it first, is freed from doing the task on that card. Others do! And he takes away another card. To make the game more effective, and reduce teacher talking time, divide the students into groups and give them cards with letters you want them to revise.

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