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My Common Core Aligned IEP Goal and Objective Bank is an ESSENTIAL tool for primary special education teachers. Components of the Bank include:
1) IEP Goals and Objectives for each standard in the subject areas of English Language Arts – Reading; English Language Arts – Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language; and Mathematics for all the primary grades - Kindergarten through Grade 3;
2) An Introduction and User’s Guide which describes the Bank in detail and explains a 6-step process for aligning IEP goals and objectives to the Common Core State Standards; and
3) A worksheet correlated to the 6-step process that IEP teams can use when determining what standards/goals/objectives to include on a student’s IEP and how to individualize them for each student.

The Bank contains the Common Core Standards and deconstructs or unpacks the standards into measurable goals and objectives, written in behavioral terms required by IDEA and most school districts. The Bank is in Word Document format, which makes it simple to cut and paste goals and objectives into lesson plans and IEP documents. Download the preview and check out this awesome resource for primary special education teachers! This bank correlates to my CCSS aligned special education lesson plan templates also in my shop.