Daily Calendar and Number Sense work for first grade
Basic Operations, Common Core
Homeschool Curricula, Workbook
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 I developed this in January because I really was not a fan of the calendar program we were given. My kiddos LOVED calendar time once we implemented this! They really caught on quickly and became rockstars at money, time, counting by tens and ones, expanded notation, and creating equations.  Because the only thing that changes from month to month is the actual calendar to fill in the date and the graph (because we totally ran out of grid on the sunny day bar by like April!!), this becomes a great morning routine that the students look forward to and enjoy.

Included in this pack -

1.Daily Graph – fill in one section for each day. Ask questions about the graph. (ie: “How many more sunny days have we had than rainy days?” Or have your students give comparison statements about the graph. (ie: “There are 4 more sunny days than rainy days.”

2.Calendar Pages – Each day add the date on the calendar. Also add any special events (birthdays, holidays, no school days, etc.)

3.Counting Chart – Fill in one square for each day of school. The counting chart goes all the way to 180 although first graders are only required to count to 120. Have students count out loud by ones.

4.Ten Frames – Add one dot for each school day. Have students count out loud by tens and ones.

5.Tally Chart – Add one tally each day. Have students count by fives and ones.

6.Daily Number Work – Fill in one side of the number work page each day. An example is included.

•Short Date and Long Date

•“The answer is…” – The answer is always the day of the month. Students work together to come up with at least 4 equations that have the answer.

•Coins (not in the first grade core, but great, easy practice!) – each day the amount for the piggy bank is the day of the month. Which coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) make up that amount? Draw and label the coins.

•Time – On days 1-12 use the time to the hour (ie: if it’s August 3, use 3:00). On days 13+, use the time to the half hour (August 13 would be 3:30, August 14 would be 4:30, etc.)

•Greater than/Less than – students come up with COMPARISON STATEMENTS (not just the numbers) using the day. Have a student or students say the whole statement (ie: 3 is greater than 1. 3 is less than 7).

•Expanded Notation – Fill in the whole chart every day. Students say the expanded notation (ie: 0 hundreds, - tens, 3 ones).

•Expanded Form – You say, “The value of ___ hundreds is…” and the students answer. Write that followed by the + sign. Do the same for the tens and the ones. Then read the whole equation – 0+0+3=3.

•Day of School – Write the number of the day of school.

•Counting Grid – The day of school goes in the center. The number above is ten less (I taught my first graders very early on that any number less than ten was a negative number, and we don’t deal with negative numbers in first grade. J They thought that was super cool!). The number below is ten greater. The number to the left is one less. The number to the right is one greater.

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