Pearl Harbor Comic Book and 25 Activities Bundle
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Two packets bundled for teacher's savings on Pearl Harbor!
Pearl Harbor Comic Book and Pearl Harbor 25 Activities

Pearl Harbor Comic Book
Use cause and effect, inferencing and critical thinking skills to complete this 39 page ready-to-make, fact based Pearl Harbor Day comic book. Uses American dates.

easy to follow World War II Facts Sheet
title page
dedication page
ending page
basic facts about attack and deaths at Pearl Harbor
USS Arizona memorial
US presidential speech 
black and white images 
ready to fill in dialogue and speech boxes

Great for assessment, cause and effect practice, inferencing skills, introduction to unit, reinforcement of background information for World War II, and project based learning. Fun and engaging yet educationa ELA/history/social studies learning activity! 

Pearl Harbor 25 Activities Packet
Basic facts about Pearl Harbor Day that include 25 critical thinking activities for ELA and History/Social Studies. Illustrated black and white images for coloring and decorating. 

KWL Chart
Where is Pearl Harbor? 
What is the distance between California and Japan?
What prompted the attack?
Timeline of Events (to build)
When was the attack?
Time Zones activity
Surprise attack! What would you have been doing at...?
Ships unguarded--what would the captain do?
Planes unsecured--what is your suggestion?
Compare and contrast a sailor and soldier
Flying at night in 1941
Paper airplane building, decorating, and flying game
A vital resource not destroyed--oil
Decorate a fallen soldier's tombstone
A General's orders...
Presidential speech translation and analysis
Write your own presidential speech
If you were President...
Jeanette Rankin and Thoughts on War
Make a war poster
Write a Pearl Harbor acrostic poem
Create a Pearl Harbor Memorial
Design a newspaper front page
2 Pearl Harbor Day coloring sheets
Answer and Suggestions for Use sheet

Excellent for cause and effect, inferencing, test prep and review for History/SS, for ELA expository writing, fact-based text accompaniment, and understanding Pearl Harbor Day's importance in American history.Use with AP/GT, flipped, homeschool, project based, etc...Fun, educational, and thought provoking!

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