State Research Project 3-5 CCSS Aligned with Differentiated Options - Ready to Use!
English Language Arts, Social Studies - History, Common Core, Writing, Economics , Geography, Government, U.S. History
Printable, Project, Research, Rubric
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Help your students dig deeper into U.S. history and geography with a cross-curricular NO PREP project!  Everything has been prepared for you!  This engaging project can be presented to the class or to parents/school for an entire grade level presentation. Students can write a 5 paragraph research report or the graphic organizer can be used in place of the report for differentiated instruction.

***UPDATED August 2017***

✓ Updated some new backgrounds and frames

✓ Added an EDITABLE student packet cover and 2 rubrics


Clip art and background cannot be edited.  

Included in this resource: 
✓ How I Use This Resource    
Float Version:        
✓Packet Cover            
✓Requirements Pg. 1 (with CCSS Listed)        
✓Requirements Pg. 1 (without CCSS Listed)        
✓Requirements Pg. 2 & Parent Signature Form         
✓Key Word List            
✓Graphic Organizers                                        
✓State Research Outline        
✓Last Outline Page with MLA Works Cited Examples    
✓Last Outline Page with APA Reference Examples        
✓Last Outline Page with CMS Bibliography Examples        
✓State Map Directions            
✓State Flag Directions            
✓State Internet Homepage            
✓Speech Outline            
✓Peer Evaluations            
✓State Research Report Rubric/State Project Rubric    
✓State Float Rubrics
✓Alternate State Rubric 1            
✓Alternate State Rubric 2            
✓Alternate State Rubric 3            
✓Float Vote            
Optional Tri-Fold Version Replacement Pages:
✓Packet Cover            
✓Requirements Pg. 2 & Parent Signature Form                 
✓State Research Report Rubric/State Project Rubric
✓State PowerPoint & Tri-fold Rubrics
✓Alternate State Rubric 1            
✓Alternate State Rubric 2            
✓Tri-fold Vote                    
Differentiated for Diverse Learners Additional/Replacement Pages:
✓Packet Cover            
✓Requirements Pg. 1 & Rubric (with CCSS Listed)        
✓Requirements Pg. 1 & Rubric (without CCSS Listed)        
✓Requirements Pg. 2 & Parent Signature Form         
✓Brainstorming Webs            
✓State Graphic Organizer (Used Most Frequently)                      
✓Informative/Explanatory Graphic Organizers    
Differentiated Optional Tri-fold Version Replacement Pages:
✓Packet Cover            
✓Requirements Pg. 1 & Rubric (with CCSS Listed)        
✓Requirements Pg. 1 & Rubric (without CCSS Listed)        
✓Requirements Pg. 2 & Parent Signature Form                         
✓ Terms of Use 
✓ Graphics and Fonts Credit 
Primary and Secondary Sources PowerPoint
✓ 5 pages of definitions, examples, and a question slide
Teaching Picture Examples
✓Larger pictures of the float 

*3-5th Grade Common Core Aligned.
*You can choose with and without Common Core State Standards on your requirements page.
*There are reference choices for MLA, APA, and CMS formats.
*There is a state float and tri-fold version as options for this project.
*Great for mixed or leveled classes to give students differentiated instruction. 
*Requirements and guidelines are detailed and organized. 
*Students know exactly what to research with the outline.
*Students will write a 5 paragraph research report.
*Gives students a choice for their artifact.
*Practical and easy to understand rubrics for teachers, parents, and students.
*Permission slip to inform parents.
*Easy scoring on a 10 points each category out of 100 points for the rubrics. Or the rubric totals up to 100 points.
*Zip folder contains 2 PDFs and 1 PowerPoint.
*Aligned with Common Core State Standards.ELA-LITERACY.SL.3-5.4,SL.3-5.5,SL.3-5.6, W3-5.2, W.3-5.7,W.3-5.8

The way I use it... 
     Students enjoy this project!  This is a 2-3 month project.  Each class is different and each year is different; therefore, I can't do everything the same each time I teach the same subject.  I give each student a three pronged folder with the packet inside.  As I scaffold and model the information to my students, I have students write in the due dates.  I make this an at-school project and have students keep their research folder in a designated location.

     Also, I send home pages 4-7 of the State Research Project with the parent signature form on the third page and/or create a Google permission slip.  The way I use the parent signature form is by putting it in with the grade/rubric so that the student is required to make the parent(s) aware of this project.  This is a way for parents to know about this project in advance and not the night before presentations.  I like to work out any issues or modifications early on in projects.  This way, it can be enjoyable for you, the student, and the parent(s).  

     Next, I will choose which graphic organizers to give the students or I may give them all the choices and let them choose. The outline and graphic organizers are an optional teaching tool to help the students organize their thoughts.

Graphic Organizer Uses:
✓ Cause and Effect - May be utilized for the history or economy category.
✓ Definitions –Throughout the research.
✓ Compare and Contrast – Likenesses and Similarities of a category/categories compared with the student’s home state.

     In addition, I make sure all the research is complete and the report has been written before I allow students to work on the additional activities in this project.  Sometimes, I may let students work on the map or flag while researching since this may be easier to accomplish simultaneously.  

     Then you can choose which writing rubric work best for your class.  To score with the state research report rubric, write the number the student has earned in the space provided on most of the rubrics.  Alternate Rubric 1, 2 and 3 are small/basic rubrics if that works better for your class.  Alternate rubric 1’s float portion is worth less if you want to put more weight on the report aspect.  Alternate rubric 2 has the float worth 100 points.  While alternate rubric 3 simplifies the project portion to make the project as a whole worth 100 points.  If you purchased the informative/explanatory rubric, simply circle the number(s) the student(s) earned.  With the detailed and CCSS aligned informative/explanatory rubrics, there is a student self-assessment included.  This is a good tool to help students understand how they are being graded and reflect on his or her own writing. Also, there are rubrics specifically for the float, tri-fold, and PowerPoint.

     Once the reports are complete, I introduce the informative/explanatory peer editing checklist if it has been purchased.  I have students pair up and exchange papers.  I have clipboards students can use while they sit around the room for this activity.  It’s important for you to model for the students how to peer edit.  Many times students just want to be nice and not give feedback.  However, this is a great opportunity for students to read each others essays and learn from each other. 

     Additionally, the student website can be created through many different sites for free.  Google and Weebly are good places to have students create an online website.  If this does not work for your class, you can have them draw their homepage.

     Furthermore, I have my students prepare a 1-3 minute presentation.  It will be your choice on whether or not they can use their notes.  If you have early finishers or want to extend the project, you can add a PowerPoint using the speech outline for page requirements.  Some students like to use a PowerPoint to help them during presentations if that is feasible.

     Also, the state float can be created at school if needed.  Most students enjoy to create this part of the project at home.  However, it can put a burden on parents.  It’s important to offer an alternative or have the student accomplished the float at school.  The parent permission slip will help alleviate concerns and questions.  

     Moreover, the float vote is an optional activity which you can use.  Let the students see the voting criteria when you review the requirements to help with motivation.
      Lastly, for the modified State Project, choose what you need to use from the selection.  All the resources in the PDF are not duplicates.  They are additional resources or have been modified to meet student needs.

             Happy Teaching! 


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