Three Branches of U.S. Government Unit
Social Studies - History, Government, U.S. History
Activity, Thematic Unit Plan, Unit Plan
9.43 MB PDF file - 134 page(s)
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***Please view my FULL PREVIEW VIDEO on YouTube to view every single page in this unit.***

***This unit is part of my U.S. Government Bundle Pack that includes both this unit AND my Presidential Elections Unit! 200+ pages for less! Please be sure to check it out if you like what you see HERE!***

This is the perfect unit to help you teach the three branches of U.S. Government! This unit mainly focuses on national government, not state and local, although they are mentioned briefly. This product is a zip file that contains 134 pages of resources in 5 PDF files: Main Unit, Vocabulary, President Research Project, Mock-Trial and Unit Assessment. Here is what is included with all of them:

Vocabulary File:
-Master list of 56 vocabulary words and their definitions
-56 pocket chart cards that contain the words and their definitions

Main Unit File:
-4 page unit guide
-Additional resources list
-Three branches comparison chart - full page and interactive notebook form + answer sheet
-9 teaching posters on the Constitution, including a dissection of the -Preamble and the Bill of Rights
-Dissecting the Preamble chart and answer sheet
-Understanding the Bill of Rights chart and answer sheet
-Group activity: students decide if 12 scenarios violate the Constitution based on the Bill of Rights and must explain why/why not - includes 12 cards, students response sheet and answer sheet
-Overview posters of Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches - students use these to help fill in their comparison charts
-3 teaching posters on the Legislative branch that include information about the House of Representatives, the Senate and how a bill becomes a law
-Sort - students sort responsibilities between representatives and senators
-Sort and Flowchart - students sort and write/paste the steps of a bill becoming a law on a flowchart
-Group activity - students get into groups to draft a classroom law; includes a bill proposal sheet that is made to look like a real version; students debate on proposed laws and then vote on one to implement
-4 teaching posters on the Judicial branch that include information about civil vs. criminal cases, parts of a courtroom, steps in a trial, and the Supreme Court
poster that explicitly shows the various parts of a courtroom
-3 teaching posters on the Executive branch that include information about the president, vice president and cabinet
-Explanation poster about president research project
-2 teaching posters on checks and balances
graphic organizer for students to complete about checks and balances

-9 page script that includes a full criminal trial about a boy accused of throwing a rock through a lady’s window - to be used while teaching the Judicial branch

President Research Project
-research sheet
-3 options for project: display board, speech/become the character, essay
-includes different 4-point rubrics for each option

Unit Assessment
-35 questions that include vocabulary matching, written response, T/F and multiple choice

***I have created a nice discount for multiple licenses for this unit in case you would like to share it with your colleagues. I ask that you please respect the many months and hours it has taken me to complete this unit for you and either purchase extra licenses or share the link to this product with your fellow teachers. Thank you so much for your support!***

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