Timed Tests and Flashcards for Make a Ten, Doubles Facts, Mental Math, and Multiplication Tables
Basic Operations, Mental Math, Numbers
Assessment, Flash Card
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After teaching 3rd grade for four years and then moving back to 2nd, I realized just how important it was for students to know their doubles facts, facts that equal 10, and mental math strategies to add/subtract. When teaching 3rd grade, most of my students would come in not knowing any of these, which made 3rd grade math more difficult for them. So when I began teaching 2nd grade again I was committed to having my students know these facts before moving on to 3rd grade. However, I did have some students that already knew mental math strategies and all of their addition facts, so I wanted to challenge them by moving ahead to multiplication. This product is my version of differentiating math facts practice for all of my students. 

What is included:
-explanation of how to use this product in your classroom
-a student data form for students to record their fact test data
-a teacher data form to keep track of all students’ progress
-16 timed tests, 30 problems each:
doubles facts
facts that equal 10
mental math – 1 away from the double
mental math – 2 away from the double
mental math – close to ten
multiplication facts 2-12
-16 sets of flashcards for students to cut (or students can use them to make their own on index cards to save paper)
-a multiplication chart for students to keep in their binders/interactive math notebooks/folders for them to refer back to when writing the answers for their flashcards

I use the reusable folder method as seen on Teacher Channel to help save paper. It is AWESOME and this product works great with that set-up!   https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/streamline-teaching-practices


Thank and happy teaching!

Find more of my teaching ideas at http://www.mylifeinverbs.com

*Please go to the About My Store page to see my product policy.*


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