Joyful Heart Spelling Skills
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Joyful Heart Spelling Skills is unique in that it is a rules based spelling approach with a Biblical emphasis. Incorporating God’s Word with the learning of spelling skills was the foundation of this curriculum. 

The precepts of the Lord are right; giving joy to the heart. (Psalm 19:8)

With a focus on 73 spelling skills, the Joyful Heart Spelling Skills curriculum spans three years (ideally for grades 1st - 3rd). It incorporates copywork and dictation of Scripturemultiple learning styles, and built in review of previous skills.  Sight words are included within the lists.  Also, Joyful Heart Spelling Skills not only accommodates for individualization, but encourages it.  It takes approximately 15-20 minutes a day, with many of the activities being completed either independently or with multiple children together.

You will receive …

Teacher Guide – a 328 page guide containing information on how to use the Student Sheets, optional spelling practice ideas, a Teach Sheet for each skill, Skill Cards, Bible Verse Study Sheets, Student Progress Sheets, Take Home Study Sheets, and more! 

Student Sheets – 888 sheets to be used over three school years.  These were created to be easily printed double sided.  Each skill has sheets for Skill to Drill, words in the Word, Build-It!, Learn the Word dictation practice, Cut It- Sort It, Color Write It!, What’s Missing?, Write It a Different Way, and Show What You Know.  You may choose to print as many or as few of the sheets as your child needs for each skill!

BONUS: Joyful Heart Spelling through Scripture (Prepared Copywork and Dictation to Reinforce Spelling) now comes bundled with this purchase of Joyful Heart Spelling Skills!  Spelling through Scripture allows children in grades 4-6  to have reinforcement of previously learned spelling skills within the context of the copywork and dictation of longer Scripture passages.

You will receive 2 additional  PDF files...

Joyful Heart Spelling through Scripture
Both files include instructions, 27 printable passages broken down into manageable sections, copywork sheets, and lined border sheets.  Simply print, doublesided, the version you desire and you are ready to go!
1) Spelling through Scripture - Print
2) Spelling through Scripture - Cursive

You are gaining Spelling through Scripture for FREE! 

Want to Know More?

Here are some blog posts on the different components of the Joyful Heart Spelling Skills curriculum.

Spelling – Bible Copywork and Dictation
Spelling – A Rules Based Approach
Spelling – Build It
Spelling – Write It a Different Way
Spelling – Making it Varied
Spelling – When to Start

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