3rd Grade NYS ELA Module 1 Unit 1 ALL LESSONS PLUS Extension Activities
English Language Arts, Common Core, Literature
Activity, Lesson Plan, Unit Plan
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Third Grade NYS ELA Module 1 Becoming a Close Reader and Writing to Learn, Unit 1, Lessons 1-11. It has everything you need to deliver the Third Grade ELA, Module 1, Unit 1 created by Expeditionary Learning on EngageNY.

This units emphasis is on CLOSE READING. Students will read closely to capture the gist, figure out unfamiliar words and answer text based questions. 

The texts needed in this unit are:
Rain School by James Rumford
Nasreen's Secret School by Jeanette Winter
The Book Woman by Heather Henson
The Librarian of Basra by Jeanette Winter

The PowerPoints will help you lead your students through the lesson. They also have a unit self assessment that they complete pre and post lesson to track what learning goals they are working on. You will have a chart to track the common core standards addressed in the unit and your students progress. 

To help get your classroom ready, prepared anchor charts/posters can be easily printed out and displayed. The art extension activity can also serve as a bulletin board display.

Here is a list of the contents:
4-8 Unit & Lesson plan 
9 Common Core Standards adressed in this unit
10-11 Student self assessment
12 Conversation Norms Checklist (teacher)
Lesson 1
13-14 Pictures around the World
15-16 My Librarian is a Camel Quotes
Lesson 2
17-18 Rain School Close Reading
Lesson 3
19-22 Rain School Text Based Questions & Context Clues
Lesson 4
23 Choose a Power Book
Lesson 5
24 Being a Great Conversationalist
25 Power of Reading Prompt
Lesson 6
26 Nasreen's Secret School Close Reading
27 Nasreen's Secret School Close Reading
Lesson 7
28-30 Nasreen's Secret School Text Based questions & Context Clues Lesson 8
31-32 Examples of Children of Chad
33-34 Paragraph Graphic Organizer and Prompt
Lesson 9
35-37 That Book Woman Close Reading
Lesson 10
38-40 That Book Woman Text Based Questions & Context clue

Lesson 11
41-44 Unit Assessment using The Librarian of Basra
45 Anchor / Poster Close Readers Do These Things
46 Anchor / Poster Asking Questions
47 Anchor / Poster Great Conversations
48 Anchor / Poster Capturing the Gist
49 Anchor / Poster Details
50 Anchor / Poster Gather Evidence
51 Anchor / Poster Answering a Question
52 Anchor / Poster Hamburger Paragraph

53-55 ART EXTENSION ___ is a reading super hero! 
56-59 SOCIAL STUDIES EXTENSION Learning about the countries

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